Peonies to perform in Zandari Festa 2016!

Zandari Festa returns this year to Seoul’s vibrant, youthful Hongdae. For four days – September 30 to October 3, 2016 – artists and music enthusiasts will flock to 12 venues in the area. Wristband-wearers can hop from one venue to another, enjoying awesome performance by artists from South Korea’s burgeoning indie music scene and guests from other countries. Included in this year’s line-up are names like EE, Phonebooth, Big Baby Driver Trio, HarryBigButton, Patients, Kingston Rudieska, Galaxy Express, Dead Buttons, Victim Mentality, Asian Chairshot, The Monotones, Crying Nut, and so many more!


Like the previous years, there will also be bands from other countries taking part in Zandari Festa. For instance, the festival will also host French independent music artists on ‘French Spirit Night’ that would be held on October 2nd at Muv Hall as a highlight of French Year in Korea.

As for Indonesia, after Lightcraft last year, this time the country will be represented by Peonies.  The Jakarta-based indie pop trio consists of Paramitha Citta (keys, vocal), Cinta Marezi (bass, vocal), and Jodi Setiawan (guitar, vocal). The trio has just released their debut album, Landscape, in June 2016. The album is an eleven-song strong bundle of surfpop/tweepop/post-punk bliss, ‘Whispering All the Colours’, like the title of their first single proclaimed.


Having performed in various events in Jakarta and Bandung, the trio is ready to etch another mark in their history by performing in Zandari Festa. They will perform on October 1, 2016, at Club Ta, at 8pm. Come down and have a jolly good pop time with Peonies!

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