[Special] Interview with LOKA, January 2017

Hey, ONers! We’re back with kihiro, KEN’ICHI, and Miro from LOKA. The band has just released two songs that are available for digital download, SENSE OF CRISIS and LET IT DIE. They kindly answered our questions about the songs, and also about other things like their plans in 2017 and what they remember most about their visit to Indonesia.


Congratulations on the digital release of SENSE OF CRISIS and LET IT DIE -20XX-! But how important digital channel to musicians is nowadays, in your opinion? Are physical CDs still important?

Thanx! We feel physical CDs will always be important. CD doesn’t only deliver the music, but the artwork and the whole style of the band. We all still buy CDs if we love the artist, and we feel being a musician is not just about the music. It’s everything, even how we live our lifestyle is part of the art. Digital music is just the “first door” for the public to realize our existence. So it’s definitely an important tool for musicians as well, but we think it will never overcome the happiness of actually holding the art in your hands.

How has member change affected LOKA? How did you deal with this change?

It’s always sad when someone has to leave but the effect is minor for us. Some of you know but this band started with a vocalist and a drummer only. So it’s really not something new. However, yes it’s a little more difficult with schedule matters since we do have to find someone to fill in. Though, like this new single SENSE OF CRISIS, we were lucky enough to have PABLO a.k.a. WTF!? from Pay money To my Pain to do the recording with us. He also supports some of our shows as well, and he is just perfectly awesome guitarist! Each of us has a long experience in this music field, so we got many ways to deal with things (smiles)

SENSE OF CRISIS features as an image song for Sapporo’s snowboard event, PARK AIR. Do you guys love extreme sports, or have you at least tried them? And Kihiro, no, please don’t answer ‘soccer’…

Ha ha, hey I’m a skater as well! I love skateboarding and snowboarding. Surfing is like the only extreme sport I love but not good at (laughs). I’ve been skating since 8 years old, well… nowadays I’m not having the chance to skate much since Japan is very limited where you can skate unlike the USA. SENSE OF CRISIS lyrics were born from theme of extreme sport, “you always gotta be aware” because one mistake and you can get really hurt. I kinda see that in life, job, and other things too. I believe when we are always aware and fighting to make dreams come true or make things right leads you to fulfilled happiness.

lokajan2017-01Ken’ichi, you are also supporting other artists like DIAWOLF. Sometimes they perform in the same event with LOKA. How do you divide your time between them all? 

Ummm… its really just scheduling (laughs). I support other artist as well so I am very used to dividing the time for works and band. When LOKA and DIAWOLF play together there is a slight change I make. For DIAWOLF, I play it very “right”, while LOKA I go drumming the way I want. When it’s a job, I strongly feel to “support” the band to make them look good, give them something more than what they need. With LOKA, I want to show more, express more what kind of drummer I am.

Miro, you are the latest member to join LOKA. How do you find being a LOKA member so far?

It has opened so many doors for me than ever. I’m meeting new people, learning more and playing with artist I always dreamed of. So it’s great being in this band. I feel so many possibilities with this band and I can’t wait to do more. Very looking forward to going Indonesia as well.

Can you tell us about your plans for 2017? We’re sure your international fans are already waiting for you to visit them again…

We are currently writing for a new album. So that means we will tour, and unlike our previous album EVO:ERA where we couldn’t do any overseas tours, this time we are going around the WORLD! So yea, keep your hopes up cause we will go visit you guys!! We are looking for South America, USA, EU and of course ASIA.

Speaking of tour! What’s the most interesting thing that has ever happened to you so far during tours?

Well… speaking of Indonesia, your guys driving technique is still something we have never forgot (laughs). Can’t wait to experience that crazy traffic again (lol).

Thank you LOKA for the interview! Lastly, please say something to your fans!

Hey LOKA family! We are working every angle to go see you guys again! Until then, we are doing some events through Facebook, uploading songs on SoundCloud etc. So please help us spread LOKA everywhere, each one of your support means a lot to us! Thanks!



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