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Our editor-in-chief loves TVXQ, B.A.P, 2PM, Glen Check, BIGBANG, Go Chic, Block B and SPEED so much.  She teaches English, edits articles, writes about music, pop culture, and concerts.  The list of her other favourite things includes traveling, reading novels and poems, and taking a nap – understandable because she has such a busy schedule!  She loves concerts because artists can prove what they are really worth in live performances.

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Jessica Mestaka (JM)

OK, here’s a long list – and very diverse!  JM loves Eastern Sidekick, Phantom, The Black Skirts, Gogoboys, Electric Eels, Gogo Star, Neon Bunny, Janggiha & The Faces, Roy Kim, Yoo Seung Woo, Rose Motel, One More Chance, 8Dro, Bumkey, Primary, Dalmoon, Giriboy, K. Jun, Standing Egg, 10cm, The Solutions, Block B, K.Will, Sesame and the Cotton Candy, Go Chic, TRASH… Wow, it’s still long, but she hopes what you read just now is representative enough!  Her daily activities are updating herself about oppa/eonnie/dongsaeng, daydreaming, and waving the future.  She also loves handycraft, playing with colour, photography, designs, reading books, and listening to music.  Concerts to her are energy boosters; she just loves the atmosphere of concerts or live performances, where she can go crazy to relieve her stress without having to feel embarrassed!

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Probably a reincarnation of jellyfish (or perhaps a mermaid), IR loves BIGBANG and Do As Infinity.  Other than enjoying music, she also enjoys books, movies, and writing.  Concert venues are where she can release all her idol-related hysteria.

Yanti Prihantini (YH)

Some of her favourite Asian stars are Super Junior, BIGBANG, Infinite, B1A4, and Block B.  That is not all, but she hopes that can give you a hint of her taste in music!  If not in a concert, she can be found in a karaoke or a beauty salon – or maybe a place faraway, because she too enjoys traveling.  She likes concerts because she basically likes live art performance and feeling the energy of the audience and the aura of the artists when they perform live.

Celvia Junus (CJ, Pidud, Pipiyayo)

Growing up with Mandarin music, CJ started liking Korean music in 2009.  Her choice of music is hiphop, RnB, and heartwrenching ballads.  Artists that influence her personally are Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom, who introduced her to Mpop, and BIGBANG and Super Junior, who introduced her to Kpop.  She relieved herself from daily stress as an entrepreneur by learning more about the current music scene and concerts, and doing her part in RekON.  She also enjoys traveling and trying different kinds of food.  Ever since SS3 Manila, she always misses the feeling of being in a concert.


Her daily routine is waking up, going to office to dedicate her time and energy for the country, and then going home to watch K-drama or K-music videos on her laptop.  Her favourite Asian artists are FTISLAND, Jeong Dong Ha (the vocalist of Boohwal), Lee Minho, Seo Ji Sub.  She really loves listening to FTISLAND and watching their videos, be they MVs, concerts, or variety shows.  She drools and dreams over K-dramas, especially those starred by Lee Minho.  Also enjoys playing with her beloved cat Ketty and having a me-time with her iPod and its exhaustive collection of Kpop songs.

Tyas Palar (TP)

Currently studying in Japan, TP loves going to livehouses, livehalls, and any other venues to catch live performances of visual kei bands and Kpop idols, although her taste in music also reaches beyond the two scenes.  She especially loves DIV, LIPHLICH, Black Gene for the Next Scene, Chanty, Chemical Pictures, 2PM, TEENTOP, Park Jungmin, Infinite, B.A.P., B1A4.  Also loves reading books and traveling.

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