[SPECIAL] Interview with Glen Check October 2014

You can’t talk about current Korean indie scene without mentioning Glen Check. Consisting of June-One Kim (vocal, guitar) and Hyuk Jun Kang (bass, synthesizer), the band has been praised for their creativity in combining music and visual elements. In 2012, they released their first full album, Haute Couture, which contains songs like the catchy Racket and the energetic Vogue Boys and Girls. The album won the award for Best Dance and Electronic album at the 10th Korean Music Award. Glen Check continued their adventurous musical journey in 2013 with YOUTH! and have been travelling to many countries to play on various stages. With RekON, they share their creative process and their perspective on Korean indie scene at the moment. Let’s check the interview below!

Glen Check

Please describe Glen Check’s music in five words.

Undescribable, unexecpected, young, pop, blended.

Who/what is your biggest inspiration in writing songs?

It always changes album to album, but usually visual elements inspire us the most.

Graphic posters, photos, clothes, street people.

Your first album was inspired by the 70’s, while the second album was inspired by 80’s and the early 90’s. What kind of music do you want to make for the next album?

It’s really not planned. We’re still playing shows and planning on touring with our second album, while we collect new ideas for the next output. So far we have vague ideas which are too vague and light that it won’t be able to stand as a foundation, yet. However, we’re absolutely sure we’re going to make something completely different from the other releases, while keeping some of our favorite flavors from what we’ve previously done.

Any special reason why you released YOUTH! in two discs?

We had the idea to work in two different ways. One with a rock band influenced setup, the other with an electronic setup. We wanted to share this idea with the listeners and thought that to deliver our ideas clearly, we needed a clear gap between the two styles of production. Dividing the CDs was the best solution we came up.

After working with European famous producers in Remix EP, have you been thinking to work with other Asian producers? Or probably there is an offer already?

We are always opened to work with interesting and passionate people. We’re not specifically planned to work with an Asian producer yet, but we’re definitely making cool new friends around Asia which would fortunately lead us to collaboration someday.

You have performed in many countries. What do you think the difference between Korean crowd and non-Korean crowd? Do you have a memorable performance outside Korea?

All of our shows were good memories. We haven’t experienced big difference between countries but so far. Everyone who came to see us were all amazing.

What do you think the factors that make Glen Check’s music easily accepted outside Korea? Is it only because you use English for the lyrics or other reasons?

We ask the same question all the time but never had the perfect answer

What do you think about Korean indie scene at the moment?

It’s growing. It’s definitely getting attention but in some spot it’s rotting as well.

If we want to see great Korean indie acts, what event/venue that you recommend?

For rock bands we’d recommend clubs in Hongdae. For underground DJ/Producers check out clubs in Itaewon.

[Glen Check’s official website] [Glen Check’s Youtube account]

Special thanks to Soundholic Ent for the chance to interview Glen Check!

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