[Special] Interview with Big Baby Driver, March 2014

Perhaps, not many know that in early March this year, a Korean indie musician visited Indonesia. Surely, Big Baby Driver‘s visit was not only as a tourist but also associated with her music career. Her contributions to the original soundtrack of famous Korean dramas make Big Baby Driver’s songs familiar to the ears of K-dramas’ fans in Indonesia, but probably there are still many who do not know yet who the singer of the songs is.

Big Baby Driver is a singer-songwriter whose existence in Korean indie music scene is pretty well-known. She released her first album three years ago, but lately, she has been releasing songs for K-drama more often. The latest K-drama she worked on was The Heirs, which is also a quite popular drama in Indonesia. The soundtracks of other dramas, such as A Gentleman’s Dignity, 7th Grade Civil Servant, and Dating Agency: Cyrano also have enjoyed her touch.

This time, she visited Indonesia to perform at the event Young Folks and to be a guest performer at Mocca’s Swing and Sync. She also recorded a new song in collaboration with Mocca. In her brief visit to Indonesia, RekON had a chance to interview the talented musician. On one rainy afternoon, RekON arrived at a recording studio located in upper Bandung where she was recording. During her recording break, Big Baby Driver talked with us about the collaboration project with Mocca and also her musical career both now and in the future.


We heard you are recording a new song here. Can you tell us a little about the project?

Yes, it’s a collaborative single between Big Baby Driver and Mocca. Basically, we will sing each other’s songs. I will sing one of Mocca‘s songs and they will sing one of mine. Mocca and I have different colors. They do sunshine pop or indie pop, while I do a completely different genre. I want to mix those difference and give a fresh feeling to the song.

What made you want to do a collaborative project with Mocca? Are you interested in Mocca’s music or Indonesian music generally?

I met Mocca during an event held in South Korea; both of us were two of the performers. During the event too, we did a collaborative performance and I really enjoyed it. Mocca has fantastic music. It gives you special vibe, maybe it has anything to do with the weather. Indonesian musicians are able to create charming rhythm and the feeling given is really different from our music. Overall, your music is a bit complicated and solid.

How do you describe your music genre and is there any specific reason to choose the genre?

Big Baby Driver’s music genre is basically folk and pop. Sometimes, I mix it with other genres too but mainly, I make folk and pop. Some people may think my music is childish, in a good way, but I think that’s who I am. There is no specific reason why I chose the genre. I just played my guitar, played some chords on my guitar while thinking or daydreaming and then the tunes were out. The genres represent my inner-self. It can be said that the genre chose me, not the other way around?

Your music has featured in some dramas. Popular, successful dramas I must say. What kind of effect does it bring for you?

Maybe due to the booming of Korean culture all over the world, my music has been recognized by people outside Korea. I’m just thankful to people who listen and enjoy my music. They give me lots of encouraging words.

How was the process of making those soundtrack’s songs? How did you get the inspiration from?

Well … For A Gentleman’s Dignity’s soundtrack, Spring I Love You Best, had already been released as my single. The music director for the drama listened to the song and asked my permission to feature the song in the drama. After that, the music director asked me to write few more songs for the drama. It was the same with other dramas. I specially made those songs for the dramas. As for inspiration, I usually received brief description about the storyline and characters from the director then I made songs based on that.

Your first album was released three years ago. Is there any plan to release your second album anytime soon?

I’ve been working on it for over a year now. I’m still in the process on writing and arranging. I’m still far away from completing the album, though I work really hard to catch up. I really hope to release the album this year.

Almost all of your songs are in English, not that I’m complaining, but do you have any specific reason?

I must confess that I can’t write lyrics in Korean. I felt like I express my music better in English lyrics. But now, I try to write more songs in Korean. Slowly, but I really hope I’m getting better at it. Besides, my English-lyrics songs open a lot of opportunities. I can come to Indonesia and become internationally known through my songs.

You were in a band called Atombook previously and now you are performing as Big Baby Driver. Is there any difference?

Actually, Atombook is only me. We do have drum player and guitar player but basically, Atombook is only me. I’m the founder and the only member. However, it is still a band. Big Baby Driver is my new and personal project. The concept is solo act, to differentiate myself from the band. As for music itself, Atombook has a bit rock feeling while Big Baby Driver is more into Folk, blues and pop.

Last but not least, how do you see yourself in the next five years as a musician?

In the next five years, I want to write great music and be a composer. I also want to be a guitar performer, not a singer. I also want to write instrumental music project.

We surely can’t wait to hear the collaborative song and of course we are anticipating her new album as soon as possible. Meanwhile, connect with her through her personal social media accounts to know what her recent projects are.

Big Baby Driver’s Tumblr

Official Twitter

Official Facebook


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