Super Junior’s Super Show 6 in Singapore 01052015


On 1st May 2015, Super Junior held their 19th Super Show 6 concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Because it has been 1 year 10 months since Super Junior last came to Singapore, this concert has been long awaited by fans. Many people can be seen outside the concert venue hours before the concert started, some buying the concert merchandise, others queueing to get the various support banners to be held during the concert.

Once the lights dimmed to signal the start of the concert, fans broke out into enthusiastic cheers. The concert started with the introduction video, depicting Super Junior as a group of police trying to retrieve the last piece of a treasure, ‘SS6’. Once the video finished, the Super Junior members appeared on different locations on the Y-shaped stage. All of them walked to the main stage, and their debut song Twins (Knockout) came on. Visual effects were created on the screen, showing the members ‘throwing fire around’ when there were singing their individual parts, which were fascinating to watch.

Next up was Bonamana (Rock version), during which leader Leeteuk unbuttoned his shirt, causing fans to scream crazily. After that was the song which brought them immense popularity in Asia, Sorry Sorry. In the middle of the song, the centre stage rose up, with Heechul playing drums to the song. As the centre stage was rising up, one of the cymbals was unstable and fell forward leaning on the drums. Being a professional and experienced performer, Heechul just coolly pushed the cymbal away onto the floor and continued with his performance.


After a video interlude showing Super Junior chasing after the person with the treasure ‘SS6’, they changed into chic suits and came out on stage again with U. The performance was specially choreographed to integrate the dance and them fighting with the dancers (‘bad guys’ who are hiding ‘SS6’). After Eunhyuk finished his rap part, he was captured by the ‘bad guys’ and taken off stage. Near the end of the song, the Super Junior members were trying to escape from the ‘bad guys’, one of whom ‘fired a machine gun’ which signalled the end of the song.

After just seconds of darkness, Eunhyuk rose up on the stage, both hands chained up to a wall. As he rapped to the dark-sounding song, he broke off from the chains and wowed everyone with his super-fast rapping and powerful dance moves.

All the Super Junior members then came out again with a song from their most recent album, Midnight Blues. The slow dance moves together with their sexy expressions matched the jazzy song very well. After that they proceeded back to the main stage with She Wants It. Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kangin, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun were shown sitting around a table ‘playing poker’ while Leeteuk, Heechul, Sungmin and Siwon gathered around a table ‘drinking’. Every time a member danced intimately with a female dancer while singing their lines, the fans screamed with jealousy. At the end of the song, Eunhyuk managed to win the fight over all the other guys (male dancers) and got to kiss with the girl (female dancer).

As the stage lighted up again, we could hear Leeteuk’s enthusiastic shout of ‘Hi Singapore!’ as the Super Junior members stood in one line to greet the fans. Leeteuk teased Eunhyuk about the kiss he had just now, but Eunhyuk smiled shyly and said that it was fake, much to the fans’ relief. They then started with their introduction greeting in various languages, namely Mandarin, Korean, followed by English. Following is a brief transcript of what the members said during their introduction ment.


Ryeowook: (Eng) Hi everyone, my name is Ryeowook! Nice to meet you! I love you! (Kor) It’s really nice today. I didn’t know so many of you would come today. Thanks a lot and hope you will enjoy the concert today. (Eng) Thank you.

Donghae: (Eng) It’s been a long time Singapore! My name is what? (Fans: Donghae!) My name is what? (Fans: Donghae!) (Kor) You are right, this is Donghae. (Eng) Yeah, today you guys so pretty and beautiful and sexy. Thanks for coming here, for the concert. I hope you guys enjoy tonight. (Kor) It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you guys and I hope you will enjoy yourselves. And I will give all the love that I have in me to all of you. (Flying kiss) Kangin!

Kangin: (Kor) Hi everyone I am Kangin. I missed all of you. It’s been a long time since Super Show came to Singapore. We will do our best to perform for all of you guys. Thank you.

(Donghae walked past and said ‘Siwon!’)

Siwon: (Eng) Yes, my name is Siwon. Or you can call me fortune cookies or whatever. Fortune fortune. I hope to be your fortune so…I have been promoting Dragon Blade for 2 months. Actually I feel a little homesick cause I travel a lot and visit other countries. But, I would like to say now it is totally fine, I am getting better, because of your love. Yes I want to say. Because 2014 was the handsome number 2 guy in the world. Thank you so much. I love you Singapore. Kyuhyun!

Kyuhyun: (Eng) Hi everyone, I’m Kyuhyun. (Chi) The person you are watching now is… (Fans: Gui Xian!) You are right! (Eng) Let me introduce myself. I am a member of one of popular boy groups called Super Junior. You know? Super Junior is very… very… sexy. Sexy.

(Leeteuk and Heechul sings ‘Sexy sexy sexy’. Leeteuk tried to unbutton Kyuhyun’s shirt.)

Kyuhyun: Ok. Today… I hope… we enjoy. Have a good time.

(Donghae sings a small part from their song Sexy Free and Single which has the lyrics ‘have a good time’.)

Kyuhyun: (Chi) Let’s have fun today ok? Thanks everyone. I love you. (Eng) I love you. Heechul!

Heechul: Hello, my name is, Saranghaeyo… (Fans: Kim Heechul! Milky Skin Kim Heechul!) O I love Singapore! Yo bye!

Siwon: (Kor) I would like to listen to Heechul’s English in a long while.

Leeteuk: (Kor) Weren’t you from English Literature major?

Siwon: (Eng) His major is English.

Heechul: (Eng) Today. (Donghae: Tomorrow.) Tomorrow. Ah tomorrow no. (Donghae: Yesterday.) Tonight, I going your room. Ok, and yesterday (Siwon: Yesterday?)… all my troubles seem so far away… (Leeteuk and Heechul starts singing Beatles’ Yesterday) Ok I love you Singapore! (breaks out in some random English words)

(When it was Eunhyuk’s turn to introduce himself, other members teased him to do it in only English.)

Donghae: English time?

Leeteuk: You English very well.

Kangin: Only English.

Siwon: English class.

Eunhyuk: Why?
Siwon: Because they can speak English very well.

Eunhyuk: Sigh (Eng) Hello Singapore! Erm… yeah thank you so much. Thank you for coming tonight. (Siwon: Afternoon.) Ah afternoon. Thank you for coming afternoon. You miss me? (Fans: Yes!) Yup, I miss you so much. (Siwon: Why?) Because… you are mine. Erm, ok.

Heechul: (Eng) Ok that’s good, Leeteuk?

Leeteuk: (Eng) Finish?

Heechul: Finish! Leeteuk!

Eunhyuk: (Kor) Can I speak in Korean? I really miss everybody. I will do it in Korean. Everyone can speak Koren right? (Fans: Yes!) We are almost at the end of our Super Show tour. We will use the remaining strength we have to put up a performance for you. So that you can go crazy and enjoy yourselves. (Eng) Enjoy the concert tonight. Afternoon. Ok I love so much. I love you lah.

Heechul: Leeteuk, only English.

Leeteuk: (Eng) Hellooo!!! Hi Singapore!!! You sexy. (Heechul starts singing ‘Sexy sexy sexy’ and tried to unbutton Leeteuk’s shirt.) You sexy, free, and single. And ready to bingo. (Sings a part from Sexy free and single) (Heechul starts singing and dancing to a part in Sexy free and single.) Are you happy? (Fans: Yes!) I am so happy too. (Kor) Our members are very excited today. I would think that it is because of everybody here today. We will do our best to put up an interesting performance for everybody. (Eng) You like me? (Fans: Yes!) You love me? (Fans: Yes!) (starts singing ‘Love Me Tender’)

Leeteuk: (Kor) It is not a time for us to sing like that right now! (Eng) Emergency emergency!

(The members all act like there is an emergency and made the sound effect of a siren. Kyuhyun started pointing a hand gun around.)

Heechul: (Eng) Police police! Emergency!

(There was a mess of things happening and the translator did not translate what the members were saying. Kyuhyun points a hand gun at fans.)
Donghae: (Kor) Are you trying to shoot ELFs?

Eunhyuk: (Eng) Security.

Kyuhyun: (Kor) Donghae come. (Eng) English talking about. (Says to Leeteuk) Only English.

Leeteuk: (Eng) Now…now…now…

Kyuhyun: (Eng) Yes?

Leeteuk: (Eng) Dangerous…dangerous…

(Heechul and Leeteuk starts dancing to ‘Dangerous’.)

Eunhyuk: (Kor) We are all not in our right minds right now.

Kangin: (Kor) What song do you think we are going to sing next?

Leeteuk: (Kor) We need to do this quickly. (Eng) Hurry up! (Kor) The song that everyone loves! Mr Simple!


The fans screamed wildly as the music for Mr Simple started. Fanchants of the members’ names could be heard as they sang their parts. Near the end of the song, a car drove out from the main stage with some ‘bad guys’ who were trying to capture the members. As the last part of the song with the lyrics ‘Blow your mind’ repeats itself, the members managed to get on the car and escape from the ‘bad guys’, while the song came to an end.

The second video interlude shows Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Siwon and Donghae thinking about their past memories with their ‘girlfriends’ and regretting not spending more time with them. The songs which follow were ballads which matched the feeling of the video, Don’t Leave Me and Islands from their latest album. The fans melted in Super Junior’s soothing voices while they waved their blue lightsticks to the songs.

The third video interlude features Changmin from TVXQ!, where Kyuhyun and he were talking about a song which Kyuhyun has composed and Changmin wanting to help to write the lyrics for the song, based on Kyuhyun’s past love story. This was exactly the next song that Kyuhyun came out on stage to sing, My Thoughts, Your Memories. This was followed by the Mandarin version of At Kwanghwamun, the title song of Kyuhyun’s solo album.

Next up wereKangin and Ryeowook’s solo stages. Kangin sang a ballad Heartbreak, where he was accompanied by a guitarist and percussionist, while Ryeowook sang the famous Mandarin song from Jay Chou, Qi Li Xiang. After that all the members came back on stage again to perform the 2 title songs from their latest repackaged album, This is Love and Evanesce.

The next video interlude was a funny one where the Super Junior members were cornered to a warehouse-like place by some bad guys, but they were quarrelling over small matters in this moment of life and death, for example how sweet and sour pork should be eaten. In this video, Henry and Zhoumi were also introduced, and Super Junior M was seen looking for something (probably some map showing where is ‘SS6’) among the papers spread around the tables. Super Junior M then came on stage with their latest title song, Swing.

After that was the second ment of the concert, where they introduced themselves as Super Junior M. Eunhyuk mentioned that there is always someone who makes a mistake during every Swing performance, and asked the person who made a mistake that day to admit it himself. It turns out that it was Donghae, who did not put the table properly. When Eunhyuk asked him not to come up with excuses and the translator said it in English, Kyuhyun imitated the translator and said ‘Don’t come up with excuses.’, but not pronouncing the word ‘excuses’ properly, which caused all the fans to break out in laughter.

Eunhyuk said that Henry and Zhoumi will introduce themselves formally after the next few songs, but the next song would be another Super Junior M song. He then asked the fans to guess what the next song was. When Henry started singing Trap (Henry’s song) and Donghae and Kyuhyun started singing and dancing to Rewind (Zhoumi’s song), Eunhyuk teased by saying it is a better song than those.

It turns out that the next song is A-oh!, an uplifting song which the members jumped and danced excitedly to. Next up were Henry and Zhoumi’s solo stages. It started with a violin performance by Henry, where he showcased his famous skill of playing violin and dancing at the same time. He then continued with his latest solo album title song Fantastic. Next up Zhoumi also sang the title song Rewind from his first solo album.

After the performances, Henry and Zhoumi got a chance to talk to the fans. It was a time when translator was not needed as they spoke in fluent English and Mandarin. Zhoumi asked Henry to translate what he said in Mandarin to English, and it was a funny moment when Henry had to say “I am Zhoumi, he is Henry.” They thanked the fans for supporting them and said that they hope that they can come to Singapore more to promote their albums in the future.

The next 2 songs were from the sub-unit Super Junior D&E which consists of Donghae and Eunhyuk. They performed 1 + 1 = LOVE and Growing Pains from their sub-unit album which had just been released in March 2015. The fans seemed to be very excited as this is just the second Super Show 6 where they performed their new title song Growing Pains, and they can be heard doing fanchants and singing along to the song.

Following this, Leeteuk appeared stage for his solo performance. When he was about to start, Siwon came on stage and ‘stole’ the solo stage from Leeteuk. He sang the song Lost Stars from the soundtrack of the movie Begin Again, to the accompaniment of a guitarist. This was different from his usual solo performance of a trot song in a horse costume in past Super Show 6s in other countries. However, Leeteuk did not lose his solo performance just like that, as he came back on stage after that with Huh Gak’s famous ballad Hello.

After that was the must-have segment in all Super Shows, cosplaying. This time it was the Elsa (from Disney’s Frozen) contest, seeing which member can dress up as the best Elsa. The members showed their creativity by coming up with various hilarious and ridiculous ideas of Elsa, such as Eunhyuk’s Elsa Jackson (Elsa who does the moonwalk dance), Siwon’s Elsamurai (Elsa with a sword), Kyuhyun’s Big Elsa (Elsa with big boobs) and Leeteuk’s Elsapphire Blue (a genie-like Elsa with ELF’s representative colour). However, the winner of the Elsa contest (which does not make sense if you look at the objective of the contest) was none other than Heechul, who cosplayed as Anna. They sang Rokkugo as they went around the stage in their cosplay costumes and interacted with fans.

After all the happy stages, it was a slightly sad time as the screen showed the video of Shindong singing Don’t Forget during the Super Show 6 in Seoul, which was the last Super Show he participated in before he went into army.

However, the spirit was lifted as the Super Junior members came out after the video in casual clothes and started singing the song Don’t Forget. Leeteuk wanted Eunhyuk to sing it as well but Siwon and Donghae interrupted him whenever he wanted to start singing, much to the amusement of the fans. Eunhyuk ended up singing and dancing to a small part of Can You Feel It from D&E’s album, which the fans excitedly sang along to. Leeteuk and Kangin mentioned that they noticed the events that fans did for them during the songs, which included the banners saying “Let’s grow old together” and “From 10 years to forever”. The fans responded with cheers as they knew that their efforts had been seen by the members.

The later part of the talk was full of laughter as the members tried to speak only English. It started with Kyuhyun coming out on stage shouting ‘Emergency emergency! Enemy coming soon! Enemy follow me!’ The other members laughed at his funny antics, and Kangin and Eunhyuk also teased that he has fat thighs. Kyuhyun responded that these are the thighs of a man, and Eunhyuk sat on his thigh, praising that it is a ‘nice chair’. When Kyuhyun said again that the ‘enemy is coming soon’, Eunhyuk said ‘No no, coming soon… Yesung’, much to the screams of the fans. This is because Yesung is going to be discharged from army very soon. Siwon then teased that Yesung coming back is indeed an ‘emergency’.

After the hilarious talking segment, the next few songs, including Shirt and Rockstar, were full of energy. During the bridge of Too Many Beautiful Girls, Super Junior led the fans to sway their light sticks in certain rhythms with them, which created a pretty effect of blue waves in the stadium. During the bridge of Let’s Dance, the members each had a chance to do some fan-service in front of the camera at the centre stage. Some of them danced, some of them showed their abs, and some of them kissed the camera, all to the delight of the fans.

After Let’s Dance, the members greeted the fans briefly and went backstage, which signalled that the concert is only left with a few songs for the encore. When the lights dimmed again, another video interlude showed the members gathered around the treasure ‘SS6’, until they found a bomb under it and started running away from it. Super Junior then came on stage with Mamacita, their latest title song.


During the talk after the song, Leeteuk asked the fans if they know where the last piece of ‘SS6’ is, and he said that none of them can go home if they do not find the last piece, which the fans cheered happily too, since none of them wanted the concert to end. Leeteuk then asked the fans to find the answer in the next song that they are going to sing, which is also a song they want to dedicate to the fans, From U.

During the final talking segment, Super Junior thanked the fans for their continuous support and promised that they will come back to Singapore again to meet them. Whenever one member was talking, the others were busy doing their funny antics, taking comical items like masks from the fans and wearing them. Below are some highlights from the talking segment.

Eunhyuk: (Kor) I hope we will have Super Show 7 with the Singaporean fans. We are left with our final performance for Super Show 6 (in Indonesia – ed.). We are very thankful that everyone has made very wonderful memories for all of us. We are really thankful that everyone has always been with us no matter what happens, whether be it happy or sad times. Actually something very sad happened to me. But as I was performing in front of everybody, I really managed to get a lot of strength. I will always pray for everybody. Always be healthy and always be happy. (Eng) Thank you so much. I love you.

Heechul: (Eng) Today, I feel so very very good. Yeah. I don’t care. Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it? (starts singing Can You Feel It) I don’t care. Whatever. (Kor) It’s been a long time since we have been in Singapore. Who was here when I went to Universal Studios to play? (Eng) Ok ok. I don’t care. Whatever. Whatever. Whatever. (Kor) There probably will be a chance that I will come to Singapore soon. Not very sure yet, but probably soon. I hope that we will be able to have fun together then too. (Eng) I don’ care. Whatever. I going your room. I don’t care. Ok, go.

Kyuhyun: (Eng) Hello everyone. I today so hot. Because of you. Your fighting attitude. (members laugh) Fighting attitude, so I’m er…er… (Chi) My heart is touched.

Siwon: (Chi) They can speak Mandarin. There’s no problem.

Kyuhyun: (Chi) No no.

Heechul: Shut up horse!

Kyuhyun: (Chi) They cannot speak Mandarin. (Fans: We can!)

Siwon: (Chi) Really? Yes yes, Singaporeans cannot speak Mandarin. (Fans: We can!)

Kyuhyun: (Chi) Can you all speak Mandarin? (Fans: Yes!) So is it ok if I speak Mandarin? (Fans: Ok!) (Eng) Ok ok. When see you next time (Chi) time (he mixed English and Mandarin in one sentence). (Eng) I am (Chi) more handsome. (Eng) I (Chi) become more handsome. And, I become better at singing.

Siwon: (Chi) You already sing very well.

Kyuhyun: (Chi) Already very good, but…

Siwon: (Chi) Do you want to improve?

Kyuhyun: (Kor) I’m trying to be humble. (Eng) But you now…(Chi) You are watching Kyuhyun now. Anyway, next time when we meet. Let me tell you a secret. Let me tell you a secret. I love you. Thank you everyone.

Siwon: (Chi) Friends from Singapore, hello I am Choi Siwon. Are you happy today? (fans: Yes!) I miss the time now. Because I had a lot of interviews and promotions for the movie so I went to many places alone, right? So I miss talking to you all privately like that, and I miss my members. So I thank you all for coming here today to have fun together. (Eng) Is it ok? (fans: Yes!) I don’t know for sure if there will be Super Show 7, but you know, we have to do it in Singapore, so don’t worry. Cause Singapore is the best place in the world. Just promise me one thing. Don’t change your heart. We are always here for you. Just be with us. Just be together. See you in our dreams. Thank you so much Singapore. I love you. (Chi) Thank you. I love you.

Kyuhyun: (imitates Siwon) Don’t change your heart. Don’t change your heart.

Siwon: (Eng) I don’t care.

Donghae: (imitates Siwon) (Eng) Everybody listen to me. Don’t change your heart. (Chi) Thank you.

Kangin: (Kor) It’s really good no matter when we come to Singapore. We will show you better sides of us next time. Thank you! Donghae!

Donghae: (Jap) Everyone (Eng) today (Chi) are you happy? (fans: Happy!) (Eng) Me too (Chi) very happy. (Kor) It’s really been a long time since we’ve been in Singapore. We really had fun. And I think everyone looks even prettier than before. Feels like my heart is getting a lot warmer. (Eng) Can you feel my heartbeat? (Kor) I really had fun and we will come again next time. (flying kiss)

Ryeowook: (Kor) It’s Ryeowook. It’s very regretful that we can only meet for one day. We came yesterday and had chilli and pepper crab. We are very envious of you because you can eat it everyday. We will come often so that we can eat that and to meet everybody as well. (Eng) Thank you very much. I love you.

Leeteuk: (Thai) Hello. (Jap) Everyone. (Eng) Ladies and gentlemen. Whatever you go. (starts singing ‘Wherever you will go’)

(Someone throws something on stage and nearly hit the members.)

Leeteuk: (Kor) It’s dangerous. (translator: It’s dangerous.)

(A few members start singing ‘Dangerous’. Heechul starts dancing to a song with the lyrics ‘Dangerous’ in it.)

Leeteuk: (Kor) All the members are really excited today. And we keep thinking about the crabs we had yesterday. I have already eaten 3 crabs. After we end I am going to eat it again. Would you like to eat it with me? Buy it for me.

Eunhyuk: (Kor) I am a bit full because I have all the love from everybody.

Heechul: (Kor) I am really hungry because I have given everyone my love. (To Eunhyuk) Don’t you eat today. I am going to eat.

Eunhyuk: (Eng) I am full.

Leeteuk: (Kor) Good. I think it is a very successful ending to Super Show 6 in Singapore. I hope that in future we will always be together.

The final song of the concert was Haru, after which Henry and Zhoumi also came out to bid farewell to the fans. Super Junior also invited the dancers out on stage to be acknowledged and say something to the audience. The 3.5 hours concert ended with all the performers taking a bow to the audience, and the fans all left with satisfied smiles on their faces.

Report and pictures by lemonzchen

Super Junior’s Super Show 6 in Singapore setlist 01052015

  1. Twins (Knockout)
  2. Bonamana (Rock ver.)
  3. Sorry, Sorry
  4. U
  5. Rap Solo – Eunhyuk
  6. Midnight Blues
  7. 그녀는위험해 (She Wants It)
  8. Simple
  9. Don’t Leave Me
  10. Islands
  11. My Thoughts, Your Memories – Kyuhyun
  12. At Kwanghwamun (Mandarin version) – Kyuhyun
  13. 상심 (Heartbreak) – Kangin
  14. 七里香Qi Li Xiang – Ryeowook
  15. This is Love
  16. Evanesce
  17. Swing  (Mandarin version) – Super Junior-M
  18. A-oh!
  19. Violin performance – Henry
  20. Fantastic  – Henry
  21. Rewind – Zhoumi
  22. 1+1=LOVE – D&E
  23. Growing pains- D&E
  24. Lost Stars – Siwon
  25. Hello – Leeteuk
  26. Frozen cosplay stage
  27. Rokkugo!!
  28. 잊지말아요 (Don’t Forget)  – Shindong
  29. Too Many Beautiful Girls
  30. Shirt
  31. Rockstar
  32. Let’s Dance


  1. Mamacita

Fourth MENT

  1. 너로부터 (From U)

Ending MENT

  1. Haru

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