vistlip wants to strengthen communication with overseas fans

vistlip announced that after more than 10 years of activity they are now going to strengthen their overseas communication. Their vocalist Tomo said, “Since our early days we’ve had fans abroad and I feel that they’ve been greatly supporting us. That’s why we would like to widen our circle, so please support us.”

In 2009 vistlip performed at the Japan Expo 2009 in front of an audience of 8000 people and generated an enormous response. From then onward they were very active inside of Japan, but now they finally responded to the enthusiasm of their overseas fans.

In order to bring vistlip to their fans abroad, they will utilize their Facebook page and other channels to deliver information directly to them. Currently, there are no plans for an upcoming show abroad yet, but if they receive offers around the globe they will definitely take their chance.

Please send vistlip your warm support from all over the world, and who knows – you’ll see them in your own country soon! And go to their Facebook page (link below) to see the full video of their greetings to overseas fans!

Furthermore, vistlip is starting their Japan-wide 10th Anniversary Tour Encounter the Phantoms. This anniversary tour consists of revivals as accurately as possible of set lists and productions from previous tours as well as polished up contents. Additionally, releases for three consecutive months starting from November were announced. One of their new singles It is going on sale on 11/8, the other one Timer in December, and in January the DVD of their 10th Anniversary LIVE ‘Guns of Liberty’ recorded on 7 July of this year is going to be released.

<vistlip 10th Anniversary Tour „Encounter the Phantoms“>

10/21 Sendai RENSA

~[Left side LAYOUT[idea]]~

11/3 Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS

~[VIIth anniversary tour “Progressive Jack Pot”]~

11/16 Nagoya DIAMOND HALL


11/24 Osaka BIGCAT

~[Sequence of chronograph]~

12/1 Toyosu PIT

~[the end of ORDER MADE]~

12/3 Kanazawa EIGHT HALL

~[revelation space]~

12/13 Sapporo PENNY LANE24



19th single “It”

On sale from: 11/8/2017 (Wed)


20th single “Timer”

On sale from: 12/6/2017 (Wed)



[Facebook] [website]

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