Put on your MASK for Masquerade Ball -2017-

If you’re a long-time fan of visual kei, say since the early 2000s, you might have loved or at least heard of the band MASK. Or, even if you don’t know them, probably you’re familiar with some of its ex-members, because now they have been or are in bands that are quite well-known. Ayabie? HERO? MASK was long, long way before that. They put a close on their history as a band in 2006, but now they’re re-grouping for one night reunion this September at Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST! The event is called 仮面舞踏会 (Kamen Butoukai) or Masquerade Ball.

MASK will not be the only performer in the event. In fact, there will be two MASKs performing: one with JIN (now in HERO) as the vocalist and MINAMI on drums, and the older MASK formation that features AOI (of Ayabie fame, now a solo singer) on vocals and NANA on drums. The fest will also be joined by other performers, including An Café, the newly re-grouped Lolita23q, Aoi-168-, HERO, and SANA. The line-up promises total fun!

Tickets will be sold in three phases. The first one (from June 6 to 19 at this Pia page) is for A tickets (tickets with numbers starting with the letter ‘A’). Each is priced at 7,777 yen and comes with memorial goods that you can claim by showing your ticket at the merch table. The second phase (June 23 to 30) will offer B tickets at 5,555 yen/each on the same page. Finally, C tickets will be up for sale from July 7 at 5,555 yen/each on Lawson Tickets (L:73339), Pia Tickets (P:335-149), and e+. On the day, A ticket holders will enter the venue first, followed by B ticket holders, and lastly C ticket holders. For more ticket info, go here.

Prepare your masks, and get ready for the ball!

「Masquerade Ball-2017-」
Organized by MASK
Date : 9th September 2017
Venue : Shibuya TSUTAYA O-EAST,Tokyo JAPAN
Time : Open 15:30/ Start 16:00

・An Cafe

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