Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon® updates: FLOW to begin 15th anniversary year!

Up next in our updates about upcoming performers of Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon® we have FLOW, who will begin their 15th anniversary year on July 2017 (yes! Next month!). If you love anime, we’re sure you have heard of, or even really love, FLOW. They’ve provided many songs to many titles of anime, including the much-loved GO!!! for Naruto. (We dare you sing the anthemic lines now, and reflect that it’s been 15 years since the song graced our TV for the first time!)

FLOW will start the celebration with the release of a new mini-album Fighting Dreamers. This 15th anniversary commemorative album features 11 anime voice actors (seiyuu) taking part in the lead song’s chorus, and each of the 5 members writing a new song, coming together to create an album featuring the new FLOW.

The first song features a new version of GO!!!, recorded in one take as if they were performing live. A total of 11 voice actors took part as the chorus to create the extravagant GO!!! 15th Anniversary ver..

Each of the following songs feature writing credits by each member. Go! Go! Drinkers is KOHSHI’s first time writing music, bringing together alcohol-drinking people all over the world. This is a very KOHSHI-like song, who has a certification as a Tequila Maestro.

The third song, written by bassist GOT’S, is titled Himitsu no Sakusen. The song starts with an up-tempo rhythm and features a verbally-packed super-fast rap designed to excite the audience during a live performance. (And we can ensure you that FLOW’s live performances are bound to excite you!)

The fourth song is written by TAKE, titled Climb On. Featuring a melody with a groovy shuffle beat and rap, the theme is TAKE’s hobby, climbing, which was also a hot topic when TAKE appeared on the TV program Ariyoshi Hanseikai. The lyrics mirror his thoughts about the band, hoping that they “continue to aim high and above and keep climbing”.

The fifth song, written by IWASAKI, is titled Bet or Dead, featuring IWASAKI’s powerful drums and exciting guitar work coming together to make it a real “men’s rock” song.

The last song, Tabi no tochu, marks KEIGO’s first time writing music. It is the album’s only ballad, and ends the album with a gentle song, closing with anticipation of the band’s future.

Multiple genres and the unique DNA of each member of FLOW come together to create an album made with the strength of their 15 years together.

The first-press limited-edition CD/DVD includes the music video for GO!!! 15th Anniversary ver., and a documentary video of FLOW’s recording sessions. The music video is based on FLOW’s 15 year history and also features cameos by the 11 voice actors who took part in the chorus.

FLOW’s Fighting Dreamers is on sale starting June 28.

FLOW will perform live in Washington, D.C., at Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon® 2017 on August 12.

Fighting Dreamers
Track List
1. GO!!! 15th Anniversary ver.
2. Go! Go! Drinkers [Music・Lyrics KOHSHI]
3. Himitsu no Sakusen [Music・Lyrics GOT’S]
4. Climb On [Music・Lyrics TAKE]
5. Bet or Dead [Music・Lyrics IWASAKI]
6. Tabi no Tochu [Music・Lyrics KEIGO]

DVD (First press limited edition only)
GO!!! 15th Anniversary ver. Music Video
Documentary/making-of Fighting Dreamers video

GO!!! 15th Anniversary ver. features:
Junko Takeuchi 「NARUTO」as Naruto
Noriaki Sugiyama 「NARUTO」as Sasuke
Chie Nakamura 「NARUTO」as Sakura
Showtaro Morikubo 「NARUTO」as Shikamaru
Jun Fukuyama「Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion」as Lelouch Lamperouge
Yuko Sanpei 「Psalms of Planets Eureka seven」as Renton Thurston
Kaori Nazuka 「Psalms of Planets Eureka seven」as Eureka
Toshiki Masuda 「Samurai Flamenco」as Masayoshi Hazama
Yuki Kaji 「The Seven Deadly Sins」as Meliodas
Toshiyuki Toyonaga 「Durarara!! x2 Ketsu」as Mikado Ryugamine
Kisho Taniyama – cameo appearance



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