Ticket sales for SuG’s Nippon Budokan live show to be opened for overseas fans!

SuG’s international fans who want to go to their Nippon Budokan concert, rejoice! They will open a special ticketing channel for you!

Remember our report from SuG Versus 2016 Countdown, when the band announced that they’re going to hold a live to celebrate their 10th Anniversary at Nippon Budokan? This will be the biggest challenge in SuG’s history so far! Won’t it be great if you can attend the concert which will definitely be a milestone for them?

SuG has been visiting various countries and regions to meet their fans – Thailand, Taiwan, China, Europe… with so many enthusiastic fans around the world, the band received many requests for tickets sales for overseas fans. And so the band decided to grant their request!

In addition to this, if there are many requests, the band indicated that they might hold a fanmeeting for overseas fans on September 1, the day before the live performance at Nippon Budokan. Wouldn’t that be fun?

So keep your eyes open for more information about the ticket sales as well as the fanmeeting. Please refer to SuG’s official Facebook page that provides info especially for overseas fans!


[Date] September 2, 2017


[Open/Start] 16:00/17:00

[update: Tickets can now be purchased here.]

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