SuG announces live-only CD ‘Darlin’!

Remember our report from SuG’s VersuS 2016 Extra [Countdown] last year? We mentioned how the winner of the VersuS between dark, gothic Gokuaku SuG and pop, colourful Gokusai SuG would get to release a CD. This time, Gokusai SuG won and as promised, they would release a new single, Darlin’! This CD would only be sold during the live on March 9, so if you’re a big SuG fan, make sure to grab a copy for yourself somehow!


Why March 9? Because it’s 3/9 – SuG’s Day! (Remember their 39GalaxyZ?)

Moreover, in SuG official Facebook page, SuG published their new movie trailer MIXTAPE, their special greatest hits album to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The movie contains footage of gr8 story which was performed in the concert in Toyosu PIT last year. Head over to their Facebook page, and don’t miss their awesome performance in the trailer as they pave their way to their dream concert in Nippon Budokan next September!


[Release Date] March 9, 2017

Only available in live concert on March 9


Find further info of SuG’s MIXTAPE here.


[website] [Facebook]

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