Hello everyone! How’s your 2017 so far? As always, we hope for a lot of good music and concerts for you – for us all – this year!


In the first month of the year, we have LOKA’s new single, SENSE OF CRISIS, as our pick! The band, which has returned as a trio after their line-up change last year, offers their trademark sound of heavy riffs combined with electronic touches. Vocalist kihiro, alternating smoothly between rough and softer voices, delivers an emotional performance – switching from roaring “We’re crossing every line” to heart-ripping “Every second kills! Every second kills!” in seconds. Bassist miro and drummer KEN’ICHI provide the strong backbone to the song while PABLO aka WTF!? from Pay money To my Pain (PTP) lent a hand with the guitars and the arrangement.


LOKA wrote the song – that will be used as an image song for Sapporo’s snowboard event, PARK AIR –  with Kota Muraishi, with kihiro penning the lyrics. SENSE OF CRISIS will be released along with the heavy LET IT DIE-20XX-, LOKA’s contribution to PS4 game published by GungHo Online Entertainment, LET IT DIE. LOKA was requested to name the song LET IT DIE, to which they added a subtitle, 20XX. The game is already out in the USA and EU, while the song itself has already been distributed in Japan as the bonus CD for LOKA’s previous album, EVO:ERA. But this would be the first time the song is available for digital download!

Both songs will be out as digital download on January 20, 2017, so look forward for further updates! And when you’ve bought and listened to the song later, tell us whether you like it as much as we do!

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