Introducing: We Are The Night

Dreamy, atmospheric but could also be playful. Those are the adjectives that we chose to describe We Are The Night’s music. Starting their career in 2013 with a digital single entitled Melancholy, the quintet has since added a fresh sound to Korean indie music scene. They consist of Ham Byungsun aka Goosy (vocal), Chong Wonjoong aka Lil Fish (guitar), Ham Phillip aka Scooz (synthesizer), Hwang Seongsu aka Phatty H (bass/synthesizer) and Kim Bo Ram aka Ram (drum).


We Are The Night are a brave band that experiments with various sounds. Their 2014 single Tiramisu Cake is an enjoyable, electronic  track. On the other hand, their latest single 자연스레 (Natural) is a perfect song  for spring, easy-listening and comforting. With their wide range of sound, we believe We Are The Night have something for everyone.

Not only consistently writing their own music and lyrics, We Are The Night are also proven to be a multitalented band since Wonjoong and Byungsun were responsible for the visualization of their songs, resulting in creative, eye-catching music videos. Meanwhile, Seongsu is in charge in mixing their tracks. They also bring a new ambience to their own songs by actively remixing them, as you can hear in their Soundcloud account.

We Are The Night have successfully made an impression in several music festivals such as Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival and SoundHolic Festival Exit. This year, they will greet a new kind of audience since they’ve fixed their schedule in two cities in England. Catch them live at K-Rock Showcase, Discovery Music Showcase and Liverpool Sound City and let We Are The Night make your night!

We Are The Night schedule in England:

Wednesday 5/25: K-Rock Showcase at The Forge, London
Thursday 5/26: Discovery Music Showcase at 229 The Venue, London
Sunday 5/29: Liverpool Sound City at The Cargo Stage, Liverpool


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