This summer, have fun with SuG, lynch., and vistlip in their three-man tour!

Imagine this: three bands whose names guarantee a fun live holding a tour together. How exciting would that be? And that will come true this summer, because SuG, lynch., and vistlip have decided to hold a three-man tour called ‘LSV’. Opening in Takamatsu in July and closing in Tokyo in August, the three bands will bring the fun to seven cities in seven different prefectures for a total of seven lives.


Preceding lottery has begun receiving ballots for the tour since April 25th and will be closed on May 1st, with results announced on May 3rd. Those who didn’t win the chance to buy the tickets the first round, can again try their luck in the public sales that will start on May 28th.


The band members are very excited for this not-so-often chance to see their fans together in a three-man tour, and we can already see what a blazing summer fun it will be!


LVS tour schedule

July 17 Takamatsu MONSTER (opens 16:45 / starts 17:30)

July 18 Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO (16:45 / 17:30)

July 20 Fukuoka DRUM Be-1 (17:15 / 18.00)

July 31 Osaka BIGCAT (16:45 / 17:30)

August 1 Nagoya E.L.L (17:15 / 18:00)

August 30 Tokyo TSUTAYA O-EAST (16:30 / 17:30) with opening guest: The THIRTEEN (unit made of Sadie’s Mao and Mizuki)

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