Introducing: Ivy Moire

From East Java, hails another Indonesian visual kei band to reckon, Ivy Moire. Dark and heavy, the band cites Nocturnal Bloodlust, The GazettE, Dir en Grey, among others, as their influence.


The all-star project consists of:

Kyou – vocalist


Jyu – guitar


Jiro – bass


Zan – drums


Aeriel – synths


Their first single, Delilah, was up on Youtube on March 25, 2016, and two days later it was available as CDs during Tokyo Hype event in Jakarta. The first press CDs were sold out quick, pushing the band to roll out the second press – which in no time found home in other people’s CD shelves, even in cities far from the band’s home province. Third press is coming – but you might want to secure yours quickly, before it runs out again. And be on the lookout for their further releases!

Ivy Moire

[website] [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Youtube]

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