SUGIZO and INORAN will rock out rock day!

In Japanese, the numbers 69 can be read as rokku, which sounds similar to the way the English word rock is pronounced by speakers of the language. This is why June the 9th, or 6/9, is called ‘rock day’ by the Japanese. And this year’s rock day will witness AKASAKA BLITZ turning into a battlefield, where two legendary Japanese guitarists meet!

Granted, the two have fondly called each other brothers for the longest time, and indeed they are brothers-in-arms in their band LUNA SEA, but this time SUGIZO and INORAN will face each other in BEST BOUT ~L2/5~.


The two of them will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their solo activities in 2017—the activities they started when LUNA SEA went into hiatus. But this gig, guaranteed to be amazingly powerful, will be the very first time they will bring their respective solo projects to play on the same stage. Indeed, the gig is something to look forward to.

If you are interested in attending this live, be prepared to secure your ticket starting May 7th, and to empty your schedule to be in Tokyo on rokku day!


JUNE 9th, 2016 at AKASAKA BLITZ, Tokyo

DOORS OPEN 18:15 / START 19:00


1F (Standing) – 6,969¥ (tax included, drink not included)

2F (Numbered seats) – 7,469 (tax included, drink not included)

You’ll have to pay for first drink ticket at the door.

Ticket sales start on May 7th

INQUIRIES: L’EQUIPE TROIS Inc 03-3470-0330 (weekday 12.00—19.00)

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