Introducing: HYDRA

Back in October 2014, Indonesian visual kei band BLACKMORAL performed in two lives in Japan, including as the only opening act for LOST ASH. Since then, the band has undergone a change in line-up and in the kind of music they produce. Three-fifths of the band, with two new other members, have emerged under a new name, HYDRA, attracting old and new fans that they call Hyperions or HYPERs (‘HYDRA supporters’) for short.


HYDRA now consists of Juna on vocals, D.N. and Rukka on guitars, Aga on bass, and Hoho on drums. Their live performances have been garnering good responses, with fans lining up after lives to grab their merchandise (especially cheki) and a chance to chitchat with the members or to get their signatures.

The band has released the MV for their first single, PASSION, on March 3rd, 2016. Previously, they have performed this song in lives, and the CD has been on sale since February. HYDRA used to be more metal-influenced, but PASSION clearly shows that they are now more eager to pursue a different musical direction. We got the chance to listen to the single before it was officially released, and even at that time the contagious cheerfulness of the song had caught us. We could already imagine how fun it would be to do furitsuke for this song—and indeed the band has also thought out the furi. So the next time you see this song being performed, you too can join the fun!

Hoho, citing DIV, ViViD, and the Raid. as their main musical influence now, explained about the single: “We hope “PASSION” could be the source of inspiration and mood booster for everybody who listens to this song. And we wish that our music can be accepted and enjoyed by many people.” He composed the song while D.N. arranged it, with Jellyfish’s Riyo lending a hand in the recording process.

The song might sound light-hearted and so full of joy, but HYDRA actually wants to present a deep message for all listeners: “never give up on your inner passion to do something that you like even it’s just a hobby or, more importantly, a job,” said the band in a press release. “Everything done with conscience will deliver a positive result for everyone.”

So here is the MV, and let’s celebrate your passion to do positive things with HYDRA:


[Twitter] [Facebook] [Instagram] [Ameblo] [Official Webblog] [E-mail for booking & order]

LINE: @SKB2105d

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