Tokyo’s weather was chilly that day, September 29th, 2015, but the temperature inside EX Theater Roppongi felt several degrees hotter. It was not only a matter of air-conditioning; that day was the tour finale of INORAN TOUR 2015-Beautiful Now- that had commenced on September 3rd in Tokyo and visited other cities in Japan before returning to the nation’s capital. The tour was also to celebrate the release of INORAN’s latest album, Beautiful Now. There were a lot of people already lining up and taking pictures outside when we arrived at the venue. By the look on their faces, we were sure that they were all looking forward to celebrate INORAN’s birthday together!

Exactly at 6pm the gate was opened and people started to pour into the venue. The set was really chic and intimate, feeling almost like home. Four mats and sets of amplifiers were arranged in a simple manner on the stage. Over this stage, lights went off exactly at 7pm and people started clapping. The clapping got louder as INORAN’s band members entered; Ryo Yamagata got himself ready on his drums, guitarist Yukio Murata stood with his guitar prepared, while u:zo with his trademark of being barefooted started to sound some notes on his bass. The cheers went several notches louder when INORAN, the birthday guy himself, walked onto the stage.


Wearing a red leather jacket, INORAN kicked-off the show with Beautiful Now. He continued with might never see, might never reach that successfully made the audience go crazy with its rock and upbeat rhythm. He greeted the audience a bit before launching into Rightaway that successfully stepped up the temperature inside the venue.

INORAN screamed “Tokyo! It’s been a long time!”, answered by loud cheers from the audience. He told us to have fun until the end as u:zo positioned himself at the front and began playing the signature bass lines of smoke. People energetically fist-pumped during this song and they got very excited when Yukio Murata showed off his amazing guitar solo. The fun was far from over and while INORAN and his friends performed Awaking in Myself everyone started to jump higher (INORAN jumped as well!).


The song was followed by 2Limes, an interesting collaboration song by INORAN and BTOB’s Ilhoon, Minhyuk, and Peniel in the latest album by the 1970-born. Already knowing the song by heart, the fans chanted the “nananana…” chorus together. In the next song, No Options, again u:zo showcased his bass prowess.

The lights then turned dim and small light bulbs decorating the amplifiers came to life, creating a calming, romantic effect. The fans were finally able to give their leg and arm muscles a rest for a while and just listened attentively to INORAN’s guitar playing in Fading Memory. Sakura came after that, blowing a peaceful and intimate air into the room. When Hold On and Home were performed, everyone kept silent and watched admiringly as INORAN’s fingers picked the strings of his acoustic guitar beautifully.


INORAN left the stage for a short break, but the silence was soon broken when u:zo and Ryo started showing off their skills with their bass and drums. Yukio Murata joined them and positioned himself in the middle, riling up the crowd while he ripped through with his guitar effects. The three of them already got the atmosphere stirred again, but the enthusiasm rocketed through the roof when INORAN came back to the stage clad in a classy black jacket, joining his comrades and hugging them.

INORAN told us that there’s someone special who had come there personally to join us, and surprise! LUNA SEA’s Shinya appeared on the stage bringing a big birthday cake! Everyone still couldn’t get over their initial surprise when Shinya said congratulations to INORAN. INORAN was dumbfounded at first before asking the audience, “Eh, what should I do with the cake?” but before the staff put the cake away, he managed to took a bit off it.


u:zo entertained the attendees with his usual cheerful antics. He grabbed an old cassette compo and did a small radio exercise and asked the crowd to join them (Shinya joined too!). INORAN looked so happy; his face was filled with joy especially when audience joined their voices in singing Happy Birthday to him.

The stage was suddenly burst into pink lights and people screamed and shouted when they heard the intro to Pink Spider. The song is originally a track by the late HIDE, but INORAN’s touch that breathes new life to it is really impressive, especially if you hear it performed live. INORAN sometimes gave the mic to the audience and they sang loudly following his cue. Nasty followed, allowing some of the attendees to mosh, enjoying the upbeat song.


The main set was closed with two songs, grace and glory and Get Laid. INORAN yelled to the fans to shout louder and told them “Boys, shout ‘Get laid!’ and “Girls, shout ‘Oh yeah! Oh yeah!’”. Fans did what he told and INORAN shouted back to the audience while running his fingers smoothly on his Fender ROADWORN. When the raw rock ‘n roll song ended, INORAN said that the next number he performed would be the last song for real for today. The crowd let out a disappointed sigh, but didn’t let it dampen their spirits during All We Are.

The live ended dazzlingly. The singer/guitarist told us that this live was special, since it’s held on his first day of being 45 years old, and to have it celebrated by all the fans there and then was really an honour for him. As people shouted for encore, INORAN bowed several times to show his gratitude and repeated “I’m sorry but this is really the end!”. He left the stage and gave no sign of returning although fans kept calling for him. Even when attendees began to be ushered out by staff, many stayed inside the live hall, as if not yet believing that the live had really finished.


Two hours with INORAN was just not enough. But we’re excited for the future plans he has in store for us! Even in his 45th year, INORAN is not showing hints of slowing down. Here’s for another incredible, fulfilling year, INORAN!

INORAN’s setlist 29092015

  1. Beautiful Now
  2. might never see, might never reach
  3. Rightaway
  4. smoke
  5. Awaking in myself
  6. 2 Limes
  7. no options
  8. Fading Memory
  9. Sakura
  10. Hold on
  11. HOME
  12. Drum & bass
  13. Lullaby of Winds
  14. Pink Spider
  15. Nasty
  16. grace and glory
  17. Get Laid
  18. All We Are


Report by rememorari

Official pictures

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