Check-up with Dr Joo Won: Jakarta 09102015

We know we’ve posted reports from the press conference and the open meet & greet with Joo Won, but we still have some more stories to share about his visit to Jakarta! And we also have some more pictures of this awesome person for you. So how about we ‘examine’ Dr Joo Won again and see what his answers are?


During his meet & greet in LOTTE Shopping Avenue, Joo Won, who came to Jakarta with co-star Park Hyesu to promote his drama The Gang Doctor, was asked about what he wanted to say to his numerous fans who were willing to come and bear the crowded situation for his first visit/meet & greet in the country. He greeted them with an Apa kabar, and these familiar words to his Indonesian fans ignited them to scream excitedly. This made Joo Won laugh. “This has been the first time I went to Indonesia, nice to meet you all. Thank you for giving me an unforgettable birthday celebration.” He was referring to the fans singing Happy Birthday to him when he entered the stage.

He said that he never imagined that The Gang Doctor would be as popular as it is today. Before he went to Jakarta, he checked his SNS accounts and found that Indonesian fans were very enthusiastic. This really touched him, and again he thanked all the fans who had come to the meet & greet.


The drama, also known as Yongpal, also earned very high ratings in South Korea, the highest when compared to the ratings his dramas in the last 2 years got. This made Joo Won feel touched and happy, but at the same time it felt unbelievable to him. In the drama, he played a rogue doctor who fell in love with a chaebol’s daughter (played by Kim Tae Hee). He asked fans to continue watching his other dramas/films and do not stop only with The Gang Doctor. Just some little update, his latest film It’s Him broke South Korea’s box office record on the day it was released on October 28th, 2015. It has been watched by more than 100,000 people now.

Joo Won looked shy, but giggled anyway, when he said that the most unforgettable romantic scene in the drama must be the kissing scene. Do fans agree with his opinion?


Not only romantic scenes, but there are also fighting scenes in The Gang Doctor. Has Joo Won ever considered to act in an action drama/film? He said that male actors in their career must do fighting scenes once in a while. If he got an offer to take part in an action drama/film, he’d gladly take the chance.

As for his character in The Gang Doctor, during the first half of the length of the drama, Kim Tae Hyun is very different from Joo Won in real life. Tae Hyun is cheeky and bold-faced, but during the latter half he becomes more similar to Joo Won because both of them love and will fight for their family.


Joo Won can act, can sing, and in fact debuted as a musical actor, now what else does he want to try in the future? His answer for this question was a radio DJ. The MC of the day, Ichsan Akbar, told him that he is a radio DJ, and Joo Won, the humble guy he is, looked at Ichsan admiringly. We sure a lot of people will tune in to your radio program when you really take the helm as the DJ, Joo Won!

Maybe at the moment we won’t be seeing (or rather, listening) to him on our radios, speaking to callers and spinning music, but for sure we can still watch him on screen, be it a TV screen or a cinema screen. As for The Gang Doctor, in Indonesia it is broadcast by ONE (Indovision channel 164) every Thursday and Friday at 19.55. For those who missed the drama earlier, ONE will have it on re-run starting on November 7, every Tuesday at 15.30 with two episodes back-to-back.


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Want to know more about what Joo Won said during the Jakarta meet & greet to fans? Please wait for the last installment in our series of report of Joo Won’s visit to Indonesia!

New Korean dramas are placed in the Ppali ppali segment, which means that they will be aired for Indonesian viewers one day after their first broadcast in South Korea.

To know more about ONE (owned by Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia) and ONE HD, visit

See more pics of Joo Won while he’s in Jakarta on our Instagram.


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