A Date with Joo Won: Press conference 09102015

Korean actor Joo Won visited Indonesia in a promotion tour for his drama The Gang Doctor (Yongpal). Under the banner A Date with Joo Won, the 1987-born star greeted media in a press conference on October 9th afternoon, before he met his fans in an open meet-and-greet in LOTTE Shopping Avenue in the evening.


The press conference was held in The Maestro function hall, Keraton at the Plaza, with Ichsan Akbar as the MC. Joo Won entered the room at about 2.30 pm, with special guest for the event, his co-star in The Gang Doctor, Park Hye-su (alternative spelling: Hyesoo). Joo Won, dressed in dark gray, looked confident, beaming smile all around the room, while newcomer Hye-su exuded a timid charm. With the help of an interpreter, Joo Won and Hyesu went on answering questions previously submitted by media.


Joo Won thanked fans for having welcomed them in the airport, and he was surprised by Indonesian fans whom he described as ‘energetic’. Hyesu said she’s so happy to be able to come to Indonesia, and her first impression was how ‘warm’ the weather is. People chuckled at this, because they’re sure what she meant must be ‘hot’! Joo Won added that Indonesia’s weather was the kind that he liked, though.


Speaking about The Gang Doctor, Joo Won said that the first time he read the script, he didn’t expect the drama would become such a big hit in Korea. He’s thankful to fans who’d made the drama the primetime drama with the highest ranking in ONE Indonesia in 2015. It means a lot to him, since The Gang Doctor itself felt very special to him. He worked hard for the drama, which he said had a different story to anything he’d ever played a role in before. While for Hyesu, because The Gang Doctor is her first drama, she felt very proud to be part of such a successful drama.


Hyesu said she was nervous to work with Joo Won at first, but Joo Won is a great senior to her. He’d help calming her, giving her tips on acting. And outside work, the two stars who are currently under one management also have a good oppa-dongsaeng relationship, with Joo Won often giving her suggestions about acting even when they’re not filming. Joo Won himself, as a junior to Kim Tae-hee who also starred in The Gang Doctor, often received acting tips from her, whom he described as a beautiful person inside and outside.


Of course, there are a lot of memories from the filming. For instance, Hyesu reminisced about one scene in which her character, who’s portrayed as an ill, weakly sister to Joo Won, was feeling better and going to have a meal together with Joo Won. But somehow they couldn’t stop laughing during the filming of the scene when it’s not supposed to be funny. While Joo Won remembered the time they had to film him carry Kim Tae-hee. He said the actress was light, but imagine having to carry her from morning to evening like he did!


Concerning music records, although both can sing and have done so for the soundtracks of their drama, at least Joo Won said that he had no plans to make any record other than those related to his dramas.


When asked about Yannie Kim, an Indonesian who took part in the drama, Joo Won said that he was astonished at first that an Indonesian could star in a Korean drama.  He shared a story of how Yannie sometimes brought her friends along to filming site where they’d take pictures together. We bet it was fun!


Now that they’re done with filming The Gang Doctor, Hyesu said that she hoped next time she could act as a cheerful teenaged character, a change after her role as Joo Won’s ill younger sister. While Joo Won said he wanted to play a simple character that could make people happy by seeing him.


The press conference was concluded with Joo Won thanking media and fans, and asking for further support for The Gang Doctor. Hyesu sweetly admitted that she was nervous, but she was happy that so many people came to the press conference! After the photo-op, the two stars left the hall as they had to prepare for the meet & greet with fans in the evening.


In Indonesia, The Gang Doctor is broadcast by ONE (Indovision channel 164) every Thursday and Friday at 19.55. For those who missed the drama earlier, ONE will have it on re-run starting on November 7, every Tuesday at 15.30 with two episodes back-to-back.

Visit www.onetvasia.com/JooWon for more information!

To know more about ONE (owned by Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia) and ONE HD, visit www.onetvasia.com.

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