Let’s get insane with LUNATIC FEST.!


The word lunatic in English comes from the Latin word lunaticus – with the root word luna meaning the moon. People used to believe that changes in the moon – from waning to waxing to waning again, and so forth – caused temporary ‘madness’. The name LUNATIC FEST. thus seems fitting; we are sure that the two-days event hosted by one of Japan’s greatest rock bands, LUNA SEA, will cause temporary madness for attendees. LUNA SEA brings together their seniors who have influenced them much, their peers who have risen together with them, and also their fresh, cutting-edge juniors who look up to them. What’s more, just today (5/29), LUNA SEA announced that LUNACY will be the opening act for both days! Fans of LUNA SEA must be very excited to find out about this.


The festival will be held in Makuhari Messe Hall 1-4 in Chiba – a different prefecture, but only a short train ride away from Tokyo Station – on June 27 and June 28 this year (2015). LUNA SEA will perform on both days. On June 27, they will perform along side X JAPAN. LUNA SEA’s SUGIZO is currently in an official member of the band which runs EXTASY RECORDS, to which LUNA SEA used to be affiliated. There will also be SIAM SHADE and DIR EN GREY, two bands that have also nurtured a big fan base each for years. Attendees will also have fun with the likes of 9mm Parabellum Bullet, coldrain, DEAD END, the telephones, TOKYO YANKEES, ‘Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas’, LADIES ROOM, and LUNACY.


On June 28, there will perform the much-loved GLAY and the legendary BUCK-TICK, both of whom, like LUNA SEA and X JAPAN, have performed solo shows in Tokyo Dome, and are known for playing big venues to accommodate their many fans. Fans of MUCC, Ling Tosite Sigure, ROTTENGRAFFTY, and D’ERLANGER will also rejoice with the various colours of their rock music. The line up of the second day is completed by AION, [Alexandros], KA.F.KA, minus (-), and LUNACY.

Tickets to LUNATIC FEST. are priced ¥15,000/day each (including tax , but we will have to pay ¥500 separate drink fee at the door). Every day the doors will open at 9.30 am; the performance will start at 11 am, and will end approximately at 8 pm. Now let’s countdown to the biggest, craziest rock festival – let’s get lunatic!


For further information, please go to:


LUNA SEA [Official website][Facebook] [Twitter]

In case you need help with information or tips about going to Tokyo/Chiba for the festival, do contact us!


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