Introducing SAGA’s collaboration with J-rocks: ‘Together’

On April 22nd, 2015, Aquarius Musikindo held a press conference and a special showcase for media and invitees to introduce the new singles from four bands under their wings: pop-rocking nineball, acoustic darlings d’Cinnamons, environmentally aware J-rocks, and long-missing, returning Utopia that now has a new vocalist. During the event, J-rocks also announced their collaboration with the Japanese/Korean/Chinese trio SAGA, the Indonesian version of Together. In the showcase, J-rocks and SAGA together performed the song, a fun combination of rock and EDM.


J-rocks decided to have collaboration with SAGA because their musical taste was similar, so they quickly bonded. Rio from SAGA added that their music (J-rocks’ and SAGA’s) have similar vibrations, and SAGA also likes the personalities of J-rocks’ members. Although they spoke different languages, and communication was a bit difficult, music is a universal language. J-rocks’ Iman reminded us again that the Earth is actually one, and humankind is also one. Languages should not deter people from trying to understand each other!


Speaking about languages, right now there are already three versions of Together in three different languages. The original version is in Chinese, and now there are also English and Indonesian versions. Iman came to SAGA’s studio to teach them the pronunciation of the Indonesian lyrics in one full day. SAGA’s members commented that it was quite hard for them, but Iman was a great teacher!

Kevin shared some of his stories about getting introduced to Indonesian music. Being the last member to come to Indonesia, Kevin relied on Rio and Ramy sharing stuff about Indonesia to him. He came to like ‘this Indonesian music’ and cutely imitated someone playing a flute. It turned out that what he meant was dangdut! Not only getting to know dangdut, because SAGA travels a lot in Indonesia, they also see and experience a lot of things including trying their hands on different Indonesian music instruments.


When asked about what impressed them the most during their last tour in Europe, Ramy quickly answered, “Poland!” She and Rio explained how the Polish fans really loved SAGA and showered them with affection. The fans also practiced their Chinese, Korean, and Japanese so they could interact with the members. With a chuckle, Rio also added, “Indonesian fans are also aggressive!”

SAGA will soon have their tour again, including returning to Europe. If previously they mostly performed in livehouses and festivals or cons, now they are ready to prepare all night long with fans in clubs. Keep on checking their schedule as they are adding more tour dates!


Pictures by Satria Khindi ( /

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