Anisong World Tour Lantis Festival Singapore 2015 28032015 (part II)

Now let’s continue with our report from Anisong World Tour Lantis Festival in Singapore 2015, after the first part (here).

Next up was “Aniki” Megumi Ogata, a popular veteran voice actress. She began her segment with the ever popular karaoke number, 残酷な天使のテーゼ (Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis) from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, which immediately got the audience hyped up.


After the first number, she went on to greet the audience. “This is my first visit to Singapore. Singapore is a very beautiful city, and I have come to like it.  My first song is my most famous song, from the anime Neo Genesis Evangelion. Next, I will sing a collaboration number with Azusa Tadokoro!” Azusa Tadokoro came skipping out onto the stage, waving to the crowd. “I’m coming! Hi! I’m Azusa Tadokoro! I will be singing with my mother!” Hearing this, Megumi Ogata replied, “What?! No, you will be singing with your father! Or brother? She’s like my pretty sister.” They sang a duet of the song, ムーンライト伝説 (Moonlight Densetsu), from the famous anime, Sailormoon. Azusa Tadokoro’s high-pitched voice really complemented Megumi Ogata’s low tones in this duet. I am sure many in the audience were reminded of their childhood days. Megumi Ogata then continued alone, singing two songs, 再生-Rebuild- and 出航–departure- from the game Dangan Ronpa.


The concert came to a pause, with a 15-minute intermission.

The second half of the concert started with a bang, with OLDCODEX taking the stage. A large canvas was prepared on the right side of the stage Yorke to do his live painting. When Ta_2 (Tatsuhisa Suzuki) and Yorke took the stage, the crowd went wild. They started with one of their popular numbers, WALK, from the anime Kuroko no basuke. Full of energy, Yorke would move to the music as he painted scene after scene on the canvas, to go with each song.   Without a break, OLDCODEX dived into the next song, Dried up youthful flame from the much hyped about anime, “Free!” where Ta_2 also voices one of the main characters. Most of the concert-goers were to Yorke’s live painting concept, and enjoyed observing the artwork unfold on his canvas, while the rest of the band rocks out the song. When the band paused for a short talk session, screams of “Tattsun!” and “Yorke” erupted from the audience. Ta_2 started by greeting everyone, saying, ”Good evening! We are OLDCODEX! This is the first time that we are performing overseas, thank you (for inviting us)! I believe that no matter which city we go to, music can help us connect with one another.”


Yorke continued in English, saying “Hi Singapore, we are OLDCODEX. Now, I am going introduce my great band.” He would introduce the different instruments, while Ta_2 would follow by introducing the names of the band members. They were Ryo Yamagata (on drums), Taizo Nakamura (on bass), and Shinji Ohmura (on guitar). Yorke then went on to introduce himself, by saying “what I do is painting, singing, dancing, and making you guys happy. Make some noise! Now let’s get back to our party!” They continued with two other songs from their album, A silent within the roar; Seek your turn and Landscape.  After that, they went on with Rage on, the first opening song of the anime, “Free!” which most people knew them for. The audience chimed in especially during the chorus.


Ta_2 said, “the next song is the last song! I can’t speak English at all, I can only sing it, and understand a bit of the meaning, but even as I speak in Japanese like this, my message is being brought across! Even though this next song may be totally new to you, please get high with us! Please enjoy till the end!”


From the first to the last song, OLDCODEX performed at maximum power and energy, leading the crowd the jump, shout, and head-bang to the music. They received tremendous applause at the end of their segment.

Next up was the beautiful Minori Chihara. She appeared on the stage saying, “Ikuyo! (Let’s go!”), which got all the male fans hyped up, screaming “Minorin!” She started with the song, 純白サンクチュアリィ (Junpaku sanctuary),  a single from 2007.  She led the audience to shout “Hey! Hey! Hey!” to the introduction of the song.


After the second number, she greeted the audience in English first. “I am Minori Chihara! Do you know? (“Yes!”) But, I can’t speak English, I’m sorry! But I love songs and music, and my songs are filled with love! And I love you! Ok?” She then continued in Japanese, “I think my message has gotten across!” I received some beautiful flowers, thank you so much! I was so excited to come to Singapore this time, were you guys excited too? Thank you! I’m so glad.”

Cheers of “Kawaii!” were heard from the audience. “I love summer, so Singapore is awesome isn’t it? I’m really happy to have come here, and together with everyone else, I’m really thankful to Lantis. The next song will be a collaboration song! I will now introduce the guest! It’s Masami Okui!”

JAM Project’s Masami Okui said, in Japanese, “todays we will be singing one of my songs, which is from the anime, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, titled, 輪舞(Rondo) – Revolution. This song has been covered by Minori Chihara before, and we will be singing her version of this song! Please listen to it!” Masami Okui’s strong vocals and Minori Chihara’s crystal clear singing blended well together. This song also gave opportunity for the band members e.g. keyboardist, guitarist, to show off their skills, during the solo parts.

Minori Chihara took a break after the collaboration song to catch her breath, while chatting with the crowd as well. Her next song, 境界の彼方 (Kyoukai no kanata), from the popular anime of the same name, received the loudest cheers from the audience. Next was a character song of Yuki Nagato, 雪、無音、窓辺にて (Yuki, Muon, Madobe nite), from the sensational anime, Suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu, which made her rise to fame. The song had a techno background, and a rather monotone introduction. However, it took a turn to become more melodious, which really showcased her vocals. Last but not least was Paradise Lost, from the anime, Garei Zero, a song a steady background beat that got the crowd pumped up. The crowd broke to cheers at the end, and Minori Chihara then ended with a “Thank you everyone!”

The last but not least was JAM Project, featuring the powerful vocalists, Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endo, Masami Okui, Hiroshi Kitadani, and Yoshiki Fukuyama. It has been years since their last visit to Singapore for AFA.

The level of energy and power that they exuded was nothing compared to the rest of the performers. They started off with GONG, from the game スーパーロボット大戦 (Super Robot Wars), from which they also sang two other songs, VICTORY and SKILL.  Their energy infected the crowd, which started shouting, “hey! hey! hey!” together with JAM Project. This was followed by Vanguard from Cardfight Vanguard and Saviour in the dark from the hero drama, Garo~Saviour in the dark”, both very heroic and uplifting numbers.


Hironobu Kageyama started the MC with, we are really really happy to see you here tonight! Let’s enjoy Lantis Festival together ok? Let me introduce all the members of JAM Project!” He went on to introduce the members, who gave a short greeting each.

Masaaki Endo: Are you alright? I really wanted to see you guys! Please join us until the end! Yoroshiku!”

Kitadani Hiroshi: Good evening everyone! As all the members drank “Yunke (an energy drink)” tonight, we are very energetic! I will give my all tonight! (JAM Project did a short advertisement for this energy drink earlier, which was shown during the intermission.)

Masami Okui: Good evening everyone! Although we only have a short time with you guys, we want to have fun!

Yoshiki Fukuyama: Hi this is Fukuyama Yoshiki! This is the last leg of Lantis Festival, please stay with us till the end!


JAM Project then split up to each sing a short segment of their most popular solo songs. First up was Masaaki Endo, with a rock number, 勇者王誕生!(Birth of a brave king) from the anime, The king of braves, GaoGaiGar. He then introduced the next performer, Masami Okui, singing PREDESTINATION from GARO Makaisenki.

Next was Yoshiki Fukuyama, bringing a nostalgic hit, PLANET DANCE, made popular by the unit, Fire Bomber, which Fukuyama was part of. The song had a classic rock flavour to it. Next was Hiroshi Kitadani, with the song, We Are,  from One Piece. This song was popular among the audience, and they sang along with Kitadani. Hironobu Kageyama continued with the theme song from Dragon Ball Z, CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA, another smash hit. Next, JAM Project gathered back on stage to continue the anisong fiesta, with two more songs from Super Robot Wars, and another from Tomica Hero Rescue Fire, before ending their segment with a bang!


For the finale, all the artists gathered together on the stage to bring us the Lantis Festival 2015 theme song, Starting STYLE. Seeing all the artists taking turns to sing their parts for the song, and interacting with each other, brought smiles to the faces of the concert-goers.

After four enjoyable hours of entertainment, Lantis Festival World Tour in Singapore came to an end. We are definitely looking forward to, and hope that Lantis will be organizing the next Lantis Festival World Tour!

Lantis Festival in Singapore setlist 28032015


  1. DreamRiser
  2. 優しさの理由(Yasashisa no riyuu)
  3. Snow halation
  4. Starlog

Azusa Tadokoro

  1. Hello my revolution
  2. Lost my music (cover)

Kensho Ono

  1. TOUCH
  3. フーチャーライン (Future Line)

Kenichi Suzumura

  2. あすなろ (Asunaru)
  3. シロイカラス (Shiroi karasu)
  4. SHIPS
  5. あいうえおんがく (AIUEO Ongaku)

Megumi Ogata

  1. 残酷な天使のテーゼ (Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis)
  2. ムーンライト伝説 (Moonlight Densetsu, with Azusa Tadokoro)
  3. 再生-Rebuild-
  4. 出航–departure-



  1. WALK
  2. Dried Up Youthful Flame
  3. Seek Your Turn
  4. Landscape
  5. Rage On
  6. Fool K

Minori Chihara

  1. 純白サンクチュアリィ (Junpaku sanctuary)
  3. 輪舞 Revolution
  4. 境界の彼方 (Kyoukai no kanata)
  5. 雪、無音、窓辺にて (Yuki, Muon, Madobe nite)
  6. Paradise Lost

JAM Project

  1. GONG
  2. Vanguard
  4. 勇者王誕生!(Yuusha-ou Tanjou!) (Masaaki Endo)
  5. PREDESTINATION (Okui Masami)
  6. PLANET DANCE (Yoshiki Fukuyama)
  7. ウィーアー!(We Are!)(Hiroshi Kitadani)
  8. CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA (Hironobu Kageyama)
  10. レスキューファイアー (Rescue Fire)
  11. SKILL

All Artists

Stating STYLE!

Official pictures

Reporting by Elenaril

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