27 Sep 2014 | Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa

A veteran voice actress since 1997, Nana Mizuki made her foray into the singing industry in 2000. It may be easy for people to dismiss pretty girls like her off as another a dime a dozen. But she is one powerhouse singer despite her small build with an equally big heart and personality to boot. Like a candy confectionery full of sweet goodness, she exudes charm on-stage and her genuineness only further endears her to the audience.


As the first voice actress to have two No.1 albums on the Oricon weekly charts and a concert in Tokyo Dome under her name, Nana finally ventured overseas last year to add new milestones into her bag of accomplishments. For her fans here, her brief appearance at the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2013’s “I Love Anisong” concert only whetted their appetites for more. Indeed, more was what Nana gave for her first full-fledged concert at the Resorts World Theatre in Singapore.


The cosy setting gave the 1,500-strong crowd the intimacy so desired. The excitement in the air was palpable with the eagerly awaited arrival of Nana. They were joined by another 17,000 fans in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand as the concert was broadcast live to them. Cheers erupted when the lights dimmed at 6.30pm and the screen lit up with a video of Nana piloting a plane and landed. Stepping onto the stage in white with golden boots and a pair of glittery aviator goggles perched on her head, she looked every inch the princess of airspace.

Accompanied with a 6-man band and 4 dancers, Nana kicked off with VIRGIN CODE, a song from her latest album Supernal Liberty. Singing on an elevated platform, her strong voice was met with seamless hand motion coordination from the audience who knew the song by heart, picking up pace and slowing down with her singing. The screen then panned out with flying clouds and the galaxy while the whole venue became a sea of blue. The next song Vitalization (-Aufwachen Form-) sent the fans into a frenzy as Nana voiced one of the characters and penned the lyrics to this opening theme for the anime Senki Zesshou Symphogear G. Nana successfully brought forth the high energy of this No.1 hit while effortlessly maintained a delicate balance when reaching the high notes. Showing no signs of slowing down, she performed another upbeat song Zankou no Gaia while the audience switched their lightstick colours to red and orange, intensifying the mood in the theatre. Bursting with energy, Nana moved from side to side of the stage, waving her hands with a beaming smile.


“I’m SO excited to have my first live in Singapore! Are you excited too?” Excitement and shrill filled her voice as she greeted the audience in English. After which, she apologised that she had to speak in Japanese as her English was not that good. She then expressed that she would do her best and happily greeted the live viewing audience. Then she switched back to English and exclaimed, “This is my first time in Singapore! I will do something special! Let’s have the grandest night ever! Are you ready for take-off? Let’s go!”

The flight took off with Silent Bible, a song which strongly showcased Nana’s crystal clear voice, serenading everyone with the lovely piano accompaniment. Transiting into the next song, the piano intro drew loud gasps from the audience. It was ETERNAL BLAZE, the opening theme song to the popular Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s which Nana did the voicing for the main character. This was also considered as Nana’s breakthrough single and an almost ‘must-have’ song at her concerts. Suddenly the whole venue was glowing in orange, the trademark colour of this song as fans changed their lightstick colour while the stage was awashed in red. The crowd would jump in sync whenever Nana lifted her hand. All revved up, the intensity of their shouts and vigorous hand motions literally set the place on fire.


Next, a scene of planes flashed across the screen and the band Cherry Boys moved forward for the band introduction. The crowd enthusiastically cheered their names as they each performed a short musical piece. After which, Nana returned to stage in a colourful frilly dress with turquoise heels and head ribbon. Setting the mood for fun songs, the lightsticks took on a sweet pink while the screen was adorned with colourful flowers. Fun Fun★People, a perfect song choice to match the fun element of the costume change, got the crowd grooving to the jazz beats while having fun singing along with Nana – “Oh yeah! Oh no!” Dramatic Love continued the playful vibe as Nana and the dancers teased and flirted with the audience.

Even with all the dancing, Nana’s voice showed no signs of fatigue as she proceeded with her second MC for the night. “Are you having fun? I’m having so much fun too! Thank you for the fun time!” Switching to Japanese, she further expressed her gratitude to her fans who welcomed her at the airport despite being very late at night, her memories of last year’s AFA and her envy at what her band members managed to do in Singapore.


Next was Setsuna Capacity, another feel-good song from her latest album. With lush sounds of the violin in the background, Nana sat down on the stairs of the elevated platform. A sense of calm swept over the audience as Nana started to sing Fate, a touching ballad, which was given a special extended ending by the Cherry Boys while she left the stage for her next costume change.

Following after, Team Yoda took over the main stage and introduced themselves via a mini-showcase of their dance moves which were met with loud cheers from the crowd. Nana came back on stage in a low-cut, midriff-baring pink glittery outfit with matching boots. The stage started to flash with red lights as the music of GUILTY came on. As if on cue, the audience also turned on their red lightsticks. Temperatures in the theatre rose with her dance moves and were heightened with Team Yoda‘s presence in the next song, the equally seductive still in the groove. With a swirl of their short skirts and a wink here and there, Nana and co made the audience very excited.


Nana was actually a little embarrassed by the length of her skirt but when the crowd called for “Mawatte! (Spin around)”, she happily obliged. However the crowd wanted more as shouts of “Mou ikkai! (One more time!)” could be heard. Nana decided to spin around with one of the Cherry Boys and 60-year-old Aniki was chosen by the audience. Animatedly, she described how sexy the Singapore Airlines stewardess uniforms were and that she would look away whenever they bent over to serve her. She then showed off her skirt which had the lyrics of GUILTY imprinted on it to the live viewing cameras and revealed that the next song would be more serious.

Mugen, another self-penned song, brought on a darker atmosphere as she sang of wanting to break free. The variation in her vocal techniques drew one into a sense of helplessness and this helped to create the setting for the next song, Antique Nachtmusik. With a heavy synthesizer introduction and the clock ticking in the background, Nana returned to stage in a purple cloak with her head covered, an air of mystery surrounding her. Nana continued to build up the mood from Mugen with her interaction with Team Yoda during the dance whereby she tried to break free and the different emotions displayed during the song. The beautiful execution of the song ended with Nana disappearing off the stage without a word.


At this moment, the screen showed Nana piloting a plane again and this time it was bound for Singapore. She received a call from her colleague who asked her to say something in a cute voice. Finally Nana decided on “I love you!” which drove the audience crazy. Suddenly she was caught in a time portal and ended up in a magical forest. She woke up and discovered a pair of crystal wings which she remembered from her childhood. As she started to make a wish, the screen fizzled out.

Nana was teleported to Singapore! She re-appeared on stage in a red flamenco-inspired dress with a long red and black train of ruffles tied to her hand. Every time, she lifted her arm, she looked like she was ready to spread her wings and fly. The dramatic outfit was a good fit with the song Kakumei Dualism. This was actually a duet with TM Revolution and to have it performed as a solo was refreshing. The crowd gave Nana the support by singing along, shouting out TMR’s parts and swinging their hands with gusto. Right on its trail was Appassionato in which Nana displayed the rocker side of her. The song first started off slow then picked up the tempo as Nana went all rock and roll style with a husky voice, swirling her decorated microphone stand around. When Nana screamed into the microphone, the crowd went wild. They wanted more.


In her next MC, she granted the audience’s request of another round of cuteness by squealing “I want to hug all of you!” as she gave virtual hugs. In awe of the passion of the fans, Nana said “I am going to give Singapore a special gift!” To everyone’s surprise, she debuted her new song, Kindan no Resistance, the opening theme song for CROSS ANGE: Tenshi To Ryuu no Rondo!

Picking up speed, Rock you baby! was next. It was a perfect choice as it was a towel song! The audience came prepared to do the towel swing. The hyped up crowd had a lot of fun swinging their towels and clapping along with the infectious beats. “Let’s all sing together!” shouted Nana as the song POWER GATE came on. Turning on their orange lightsticks, the audience gave it their all as they shouted “Wooh wooh wooh POWER GATE!” Nana would call on different members of the audience to do the shouts – guys, girls, live viewing, Cherry Boys and an exhilarating climatic high with everyone in the theatre.

“These are the words I dislike the most… Sorry, the next song will be the last song. Time passed too fast! I had so much fun. I’m so happy! Thank you very much! I will miss you Singapore! Let’s sing the last song with a big smile! Miracle Flight!”


Unknown to Nana, the audience had a surprise for her. At one point of the song, the crowd started waving in sync a blue flag with the wording ‘Our journey together has only just begun’. There was something magical about that moment that words do no justice. Nana was very surprised and touched by this sudden act. She tried very hard not to cry but her tears just flowed. It was an emotional scene and everyone just waved harder and sang louder. The big smiles on Cherry Boys and Team Yoda told the audience that they were equally touched. Nana was in control of her vocal powers while her energy level seemed to have received a booster. As she skipped along the stage, a member of the audience passed her the flag. In a voice choked with emotions, Nana exclaimed, “I love it! Thank you so much! Really, thank you very much!” Waving the flag, she made her way off stage.

The audience would not let this end without an encore. “Nana! Nana!” chanted the crowd. Nana soon returned to the stage in the official blue T-shirt with shorts and with the flag in hand! Like a cheerleader, Nana jumped and waved (the flag) as she performed POP MASTER. The crowd followed in unison.


Like a little girl, she waved her flag enthusiastically as she began her fifth MC for the night. “I’m too surprised! I really like you guys! Shassu!” “Shassu!” the crowd echoed back. When it was revealed that the concert would be released as a live DVD, the crowd went “Banzai!” She thanked the audience again for the surprise before proceeding with one of the crowd favourites DISCOTHEQUE. “Chu-ru Chu-ru Pa-ya-pa!” the crowd sang and jumped along while streamers rained onto them. On the streamer was Nana’s handwritten message, ‘I’ll definitely see you again!’

“Thank you so much for coming tonight!” Nana shouted into the crowd without the microphone as she bowed to the audience. Nana continued to wave the flag and gave virtual hugs before leaving the stage. Many in the theatre stayed put and called for a double encore. “One more time!” chanted the crowd. The theatre erupted into euphoria when Nana actually answered their calls for a second encore.


Overflowing with happiness, Nana looked like she was going to cry. The final song of the night was the most beloved and requested song by fans on Facebook – Shin Ai. It was a befitting song to end the night on a sweet note.

“I’m looking forward to coming to Singapore again! See you next time! I love you!” She blew kisses at the audience as she ran from one end of the stage to another to express her gratitude before making her final exit, ending a night where the audience was brought to seventh heaven by Nana Mizuki’s Live Flight.


Nana Mizuki setlist 27092014


2. Vitalization (-Aufwachen Form-)

3. 残光のガイア (Zankou no Gaia)

4. Silent Bible


6. Fun Fun★People

7. ドラマティックラブ (DRAMATIC LOVE)

8. セツナキャパシティー (Setsuna CAPACITY)

9. Fate


11. still in the groove

12. 夢幻 (Mugen)

13. アンティークナハトムジーク (Antique Nachtmusic)

14. 革命デュアリズム (Kakumei Dualism)

15. アパッショナート (Apassionato)

16. 禁断のレジスタンス (Kindan no RESISTANCE)

17. Rock you baby!


19. ミラクル☆フライト (Miracle Flight)


20. Pop Master


22. 深愛 (Shin Ai)


Text by eefie.chan

Pictures by eefie.chan and Kamiiisaka Hajime

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