BLACKMORAL in Japan 2014 part 2: Shibuya REX 17102014

So here we are now, in Shibuya REX, October 17th: one of the GET TO KNOW LOST ASH events. REX was decorated in Halloween theme, and members of LOST ASH also dressed up in their Halloween costumes.


When BLACKMORAL appeared on stage, during the first two songs, the audience too was still trying to know the band, to sense how their music was like and how to react. The band themselves performed confidently, and things got hotter after two songs.



The shimote duo, guitarist Hanzo and bassist Aga


Yaro, BLACKMORAL’s singer, was able to speak Japanese, so he addressed the audience in the language and he was able to make them laugh. The talk became interactive, because when he did not know or forgot something, he would ask the audience, and the girls would answer or correct him. This worked out very well in getting the crowd to be more involved in the live performance. The next three songs witnessed the whole room headbanging, fist-pumping, moving to the music. It was awesome!


Kamite guitarist Rukka

Kamite guitarist Rukka

Other band members also riled up the audience!

Other band members also riled up the audience!

BLACKMORAL closed their set by throwing the pretty batik shawls they had been wearing during their performance to the audience. Some lucky girls got them, and later, even after the live was over, they could be seen with the shawls around their necks. This was also a nice gimmick to promote some Indonesian culture to the Japanese audience.




Later, some of the girls came to the buppan (goods) table. Drummer Hoho was there, and the new fans were very happy to be able to interact with and buy cheki directly from him.

Source: BLACKMORAL (official)

Source: BLACKMORAL (official)

Later on, BLACKMORAL was interviewed backstage, after their performance and while LOST ASH took the stage.


And of course, they also took pics with LOST ASH. It was such an honour to share the stage with this band, and to be welcomed so warmly by their fans!


It was clear that BLACKMORAL succeeded in winning the hearts of new fans in Japan. And now there are people who are waiting for them to return for their next tour here!

BLACKMORAL setlist 17102014

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