Indonesian band BLACKMORAL to perform in Tokyo, October 2014!


As soon as their birth in 2010, Indonesian band BLACKMORAL started building their career in events held by communities of Japanese culture fans in Indonesia. Donning all-black neo-visual kei style, soon this band has their own base of fans called The Morals, who always eagerly wait for them in every live they do. Currently, the band consists of Yaro (vo.), Ruka and Hanzo (gu.), Aga (ba.), and Hoho (dr.).

Under Kareihaoki Entertainment management, the band will do their first live in Japan, in RUIDO K3 Ikebukuro, Tokyo on October 16th, 2014, along with other visual kei bands. Other bands in the event called CrossingxPoint!! include LAZYis, LieLuck, ChamberLain, DiMind, Novice Crime, and more. Tickets are sold at 3000 yen (advance ticket) and 3500 yen (at-the-door ticket), plus 500 yen for drink ticket.

What’s more impressive, BLACKMORAL will open for LOST ASH on the next day (October 17th) in GET TO KNOW “LOST ASH” in Shibuya Rex. This event is part of the Free Oneman Series – three free lives held in conjunction with the release of LOST ASH’s eleventh single, MESSAGE. Although the registration for the advanced tickets (A tickets) has been closed, there is still a chance that you can get a B ticket on the day of the event if the limit for A tickets has not been reached.


See you soon in Tokyo then, BLACKMORAL and The Morals!


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