flumpool 5th Anniversary Tour 2014 [MOMENT] Singapore Special Live 02082014

2 August 2014 | 7PM | *SCAPE The Ground Theatre

What seemed like an eternity to the fans, the wait was finally over when the concert opened with a spectacular lightshow. With flashing lights on stage, a mechanical voiceover boomed, “Let’s leave behind all the milestones they have achieved previously. Today you will witness a brand new flumpool.” Cheers erupted across The Ground Theatre, a venue of familiarity and wonderful memories for both flumpool and the fans as the band’s showcase in 2012 was held here as well.

The background music was seamlessly intertwined with the opening of the first song of the night MW ~Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque~. RYUTA burst out “Singapore! We missed you!” before delivering a performance which got the 800-strong crowd hyped up for more.


Fans’ participation was zealous as they screamed, sang and clapped enthusiastically to another two chart-toppers reboot ~Akiramenai uta~ and Hoshi ni negaiwo. The outpouring of passion continued with them shouting out the names of their favourite members and cheering the band on.

RYUTA’s first emcee of the night was a delightful mix of languages, “Hello Singapore! We are flumpool! Are you having fun? Are you happy? We are very happy! (in both English and Mandarin) Back row! Front row! Singapore! Where are you from? Malaysia? Selamat datang. Somewhere else? Kob khun krap. Annyeonghaseyo. Konnichiwa… Let’s have fun until the end!”

Following next was the rousing new song, Believers High. The fans knew the lyrics very well, singing in unison with the band. On its trail was two of us, a high-spirited song, which lifted the mood even higher and had the audience swaying and moving their hands in sync. The tempo winded down with Belief ~Haruwomatsukimie~, the emotionally-charged theme song to the movie Oshin. This song is also a collaboration with Mayday, a Taiwanese band whom flumpool respects very much.


Next was the much-awaited band’s interaction with the audience – the band introduction. GENKI spoke in fluent English while SEIJI surprised the crowd with an emcee in Mandarin. KAZUKI then asked, “Are you guys having fun? Let’s make special memories tonight. Here’s a special song.” With a grin on his face, he started to strum his guitar. His band mates had no idea what tricks he had up his sleeves as evident from their puzzled looks. But SEIJI quickly caught on to what he was doing and provided the drum beats. KAZUKI started singing the chorus of… Let it go from [Frozen]! His band mates laughed while the fans went wild and sang along together, much to the amusement of the band.

RYUTA then came on stage with an emcee entirely in Mandarin. His efforts were met with thunderous applause and cheers. The crowd was also impressed when he actually corrected his own mistake, drawing laughter as well as nods of approval. “Do you understand Chinese? If you don’t, could the person next to you please help to explain? The next song is a Chinese song. This is the first time flumpool wrote an ending theme song for a Chinese movie. Is my Chinese ok? The lyrics to this song are really good but the pronunciation is very difficult. Very very difficult. Too difficult. I took 5 days to record. Although it took me a lot of time, it is for moments like this when I can sing for all of you on the stage. Would you like to hear this song? Really mah? I spoke Singlish? Really mah? Ok. Thank you.”


The band then began playing Tsuyokuhakanaku. The Chinese version is known as 孤独 (“Lonely”), the theme song to the movie 共犯 (“Partners in Crime”). Beautiful sounds of the piano and violin started to drift in while RYUTA took on a verse from In my life by The Beatles, remixing it as an intro to the next song – the beloved Hana ni nare, flumpool’s very first single. Fans were ecstatic when the next song came on. It was Hydrangea, the only song where KAZUKI and GENKI sang in their own capacities alongside RYUTA, showcasing their vocal powers. Coupled with the catchy beats, it was easily one of the most popular performances that night.

The band members were once again re-introduced but this time via their instruments instead with a mini solo showcase each. Support keyboardist DAIJI’s deft fingerwork on the keyboard, bassist GENKI’s heart-thumping bassline, guitarist KAZUKI’s powerful guitar riffs and drummer SEIJI’s fast and furious drum playing drove the crowd crazy. RYUTA teased the fans by asking repeatedly “What’s my name?” (“RYUTAAAA” screamed the fans) before moving on to the next song. It was the theme for flumpool’s 2012 nationwide tour – Because… I am.


After which, RYUTA decided to do some vocal exercises of “woah” “yeah” with the audience. Right on cue, SEIJI revved up the tempo while KAZUKI and GENKI cranked up the accompaniment melodies. It was the high energy OAOA. Everyone started jumping and shouting at the top of their voices – OAOA! Fists punching the air were sighted. The energy was infectious and exhilarating. After singing the first half in Japanese, RYUTA did a little twist to the song, switching to Mandarin for the second half, surprising the crowd present. But this only further intensified the euphoric mood as the Chinese version was a top hit by Mayday. RYUTA urged the crowd to sing out loud in which the audience responded readily. The whole atmosphere was sizzling at this point. It was very heart-warming when the whole venue sang OAOA~OAOA~ as one, the Chinese lyrics “Let the music live on. Let’s sing forever!” as such took on extra significance right there and then.

Ending the night was the aptly titled Kimi ni todoke, from flumpool to the fans. After saying their thank you, the band left the stage. During the encore interval, instead of the usual encore shout-out, the fans sang the last chorus of Taisetsunamono wa kimiigaini miataranakute. The band was clearly touched when they reappeared on stage. “Thank you very much! This song is for you.” The first encore song was the Chinese version of Akashi – 证明 (“Proof”).


“Thank you for coming tonight. The last song is one that we want you to hear most right now. Our nationalities and cultures are different but our pain, sadness, hopes and dreams are the same. Whatever happens, let’s face it together without running away. And to the four of us, this song is a promise to always keep going. Let’s stand as one.”

RYUTA’s heart-felt emcee gave way to the equally emotions-packed Asuhenosannka. Filled with meaningful lyrics and delivered with a soul-stirring voice, the final song of the night left the whole venue spell-bounded. Fans sang in powerful unison to the last chorus “…demo ii…” as if to say, “Everything is ok flumpool. You can do it!” Their voices reverberated across the venue, spurring each and everyone on, to pursue their dreams and not to give up. It was a beautiful moment which struck a chord in many of those present.

“Thank you Singapore. We are so happy. Please bring your friends and family to see us next time. So that we will be able to come back to Singapore to see you again. Thank you! See you!”


The memorable moments may be the special touches the band gave to their performances or the earnest emcees delivered but most importantly, it is their sincerity and enthusiasm. Just like how they came and swept people over 5 years ago. Tonight we had witnessed a brand new flumpool. Onward to new milestones ahead. Fans will be right here waiting.

flumpool’s setlist 02082014

1. MW 〜Dear Mr. & Ms. Picaresque〜

2. reboot ~Akiramenai uta~

3. Hoshi ni negaiwo

4. Believers High

5. Two of us

6. Belief ~Haruwomatsukimie~

7. Kazuki – Let it go

8. 孤独(Tsuyokuhakanaku 中文版,电影[共犯]主题曲)

9. Hana ni nare

10. Hydrangea

11. Because… I am

12. OAOA

13. Kimi ni todoke

14. 证明(中文版)

15. Asuhenosannka

Text by eefie.chan

Pictures by Singapore poolers and official source (Rock Records/Marcus Lin)

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