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In addition to recording a song together with Mocca, Big Baby Driver also traveled to Indonesia after an invitation to perform at Young Folk. It was a small musical event featuring four young folk indie musicians, such as Jakarta View, Early and A.f.f.e.n along with Big Baby Driver. The event was held at 365 Ecobar, a bar in the trendy area of ​​Jakarta, Kemang.

The event was started with the three MCs greeted the audiences and gave away CDs of the performers of that night. The MCs were interested in the audiences who came all the way from South Korea. Out of curiosity, the MCs asked one of them to step up to the stage to be interviewed a bit. This audience came to see Big Baby Driver’s performance and he was not too fluent in Indonesian since he hadn’t stayed long in Indonesia.


Toma Pratama and the 3 MCs



Jakarta View

Jakarta View



While waiting for Jakarta View, the first performer, MC did a brief chat with Toma Pratama, Mocca‘s bassist who was Big Baby Driver’s representative during her visit in Indonesia. The MC asked about the new collaboration single recorded by Mocca and Big Baby Driver. On March 5, 2014, they recorded a song called Good Morning for Mocca and Here for You for Big Baby Driver. Those singles were planned to be released around May 2014. For the fans of Mocca and Big Baby Driver who already longed for their new works, this project could be your cure. Please wait for further news about it!

After the amazing performance from Jakarta View and DINI, Big Baby Driver was finally getting ready to perform. Just like with the previous performers, this time the MCs also took time to chat with Big Baby Driver. She said she loved everything about Indonesia, the food, music and the mood, except the traffic. She was lucky to have visited two cities, Jakarta and Bandung, on her first visit to Indonesia. She mentioned that Korea also has indie musicians, just like Indonesia. They also have similar area to Kemang called Hongdae, in which there were bars, clubs and cafes where musicians usually perform their music. Of course the MCs asked how she managed to meet Mocca. Big Baby Driver has also shared this story with RekON when we interviewed her, which can be read here. She also shared her thoughts about Indonesian music, especially Mocca.


After the chit-chat session, it was finally time to watch the long-awaited performance from Big Baby Driver. With her smooth voice and guitar strings, Big Baby Driver sang Here for You, a song that sounds quite emotional. When she proceeded to the next song, some of the audiences shouted a song request, Strangers, Big Baby Driver’s song for Ost. 7th Grade Civil Servant. A little shocked and embarrassed, she replied “Maybe later …” With a small smile, she explained that the next song will be sung is Tuesday Song, a song that has not been heard since 2 years ago, followed by singing old songs of Blind Blake (1927), You’re Gonna Quite Me Blues.

Not only good with guitar, she also was able to create sweet harmony with the harmonica. The next two songs, Baby You and In the Same Storm, were the proofs. In the middle of the songs, she blew the harmonica while still playing the guitar. She is so talented RekON was truly amazed. That night, she prepared ten songs, which were the combination of the well-known, the never-been recorded before such as Baby You and also the long-time-no-hear songs. She also sang Big Baby over 38,000 km Away, which was one of her few Korean songs.


Ten songs weren’t enough so the audiences were chanting “Encore!! Encore!!” loudly when Big Baby Driver was about to clear up her instruments. They then changed the chanting into song request “Strangers!! Strangers!!” A little hesitating but touched by the enthusiasm, she finally gave up and granted the request. Before singing the song, she gave them a warning that she had not performed the song for a long time and she wasn’t prepared. So, she begged their understanding if she could not deliver a good performance.

After the song, Big Baby Driver gave the stage to the next performer, A.f.f.e.n. Meanwhile, fans of Big Baby Driver started to approach her to ask for autographs and take pictures together off stage. RekON of course did not want to miss the opportunity. With friendly gesture, Big Baby Driver fulfilled her fans’ request one by one. Since RekON came alone, one of the staffs of the Electric Muse, her label, offered help to take our picture.

RekON is glad to have spent the weekend with Big Baby Driver. Hopefully there will be another chance to meet her again in Indonesia. For Oners who happen to be in Seoul or have a plan to go there, don’t forget to check Big Baby Driver’s schedule on her Twitter or Facebook.




1. Here For You

2. Tuesday Song

3. You Gonna Quite Me Blues

4. Baby You

5. In The Same Storm

6. A Frog Is A Frog

7. Marca’s Weding

8. Your Sun Is Stupid

9. Big Baby Over 38.000 km Away

10. Spring I Love You Best

Encore : Stranger






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