[Special] Interview With Eastern Sidekick, February 2014


It’s been a year since May 2013, but the strong impression remains. Having watched K-pop Night Out at Music Matters Live Singapore back then made RekON realize that there are many Korean musicians, non-idol group category, that deserve more attention. One of them is Eastern Sidekick. Contrary to the idol groups that are organized and adorable, Eastern Sidekick gives us more masculine and free spirited aura. But that’s the charm of this group.

The rock band was formed in 2009, but they officially debuted under Fluxus in 2010. Fluxus is also the home to Urban Zakapa and Clazziquai Project. In 2011, Eastern Sidekick received awards from EBS Space Hello Rookie (Audience Award) and Olleh Indie Award (Rookie of The Month).Since then, they started to perform on international festival stages. Last year, they finally got a chance to perform at the prestigious music festivals outside of Korea; Singapore and Japan.

RekON thinks early 2014 is the right time to have a chat with them. Starting from their experience of performing outside Korea, the latest album, dreams, frustrations over the Korean music industry to trivial things. All of them are discussed casually but honestly and of course, with their own unique styles.

Let’s get to know them.


left-right: Inhyuk-Myungchul-Joohwan-Hankyul-Sanghwan

Please introduce your self and Eastern Sidekick (ESK) itself.

고한결: 안녕하세요. 저는 이스턴 사이드킥에서 기타를 치는 고한결입니다.
저희는 기본적으로 개러지록을 하고 있고, 서양의 록과는 달리 좀 더 한국적인 정서를 추가하려 노력하고 있습니다.
Hankyul [HK]: Hi, I’m Go Han Kyul, the guitarist in ESK. Basically, we’re a garage rock band that’s a bit different from western rock, and we’re trying to add a bit of Korean feel to our music.

류인혁: 저는 이스턴 사이드킥에서 기타를 치는 류인혁입니다.
Inhyuk [IH]: I’m the guitarist in ESK, my name is Ryu In Hyuk.

배상환: 베이스를 연주하는 배상환입니다.
Sanghwan [SH]: I’m playing bass. My name is Bae Sang Hwan.

* There are still two more members of the band; Joohwan (vocalist) and Myungchul (drummer). They didn’t introduce themselves, so let RekON introduce them to you. 

How did you get into music scene and eventually met and formed ESK?

고한결: 취미 카피밴드에서 제 곡을 연주해 볼 수는 없었습니다. 일단 이스턴 사이드킥은 저와 고명철이 먼저 만나 나중에 합류한 다른 멤버들과 시작하게 되었습니다. 멤버들은 소개를 받거나 공연장에서 다른 밴드로 만났는데, 서로 마음에 들어서 모이게 된 것입니다.
HK : I used to play in a tribute band/cover band for hobby but I couldn’t play my own music there. ESK was iniated by Myungchul and me then other members joined. I knew them when I met them at a live house and we felt connected and shared the same vision in music.

고명철: 한결이와 제가 2004년도에 만나서 처음에 취미로 하다가 군대 갔다와서 홍대에서 다른 음악하는 사람들을 만나 시작하게 되었습니다.엄한 집안 환경때문에 일종의 탈출구로 시작하게 되었고 처음 NIRVANA 와 METALLICA 등을 음악을 들으며 음악을 좋아하게 되었고 그 연장선상에서 고등학교 밴드 동아리에 들어가게 되었습니다.
Myungchul [MC]: Hankyul and I first met in 2004 and both of us basically love playing music. After we finished our military service, we went to Hongdae, met other musicians and started our music career. Due to tough family condition, music became my escapism. Initially in high school, I liked listening to Nirvana and Metallica’s music and started to play their songs. Because of that, I formed a band.

배상환: 보컬 오주환의 소개로 만나게 되었습니다. 너바나Nirvana의 노래를 듣고 피가 끓어서 가만히 있을 수 없었습니다. 그래서 친구 따라 바로 기타를 배우러 갔는데, 그게 베이스기타였습니다.
SH: I joined ESK because Joohwan introduced me to them. The first time I heard Nirvana song, I felt passionate. Since then I knew I had to do something in the music world.

류인혁: 음악을 하게 된 계기는 13살 때 처음 좋아하는 밴드(넥스트N.E.X.T)를 보고 시작하게 되었습니다.
IH : I liked music after I watched my favorite band, N.E.X.T, at the age of 13.

In your opinion, what distinguishes ESK with other rock bands that can make your listeners hooked with your music?

고한결: 기타와 베이스의 리프, 조금은 독특한 보컬 라인.
HK : The guitar and bass riff, and a little unique vocal voice

배상환: 한국의 “타령”과 같은 느낌이 있습니다. 가사나 사운드 모두.
SH : There’s a Korean kind of tune feel. Lyrics and sound. Everything.

고명철: 작사 작곡을 한결이가 하고 있는데, 사랑과 진부한 가사를 굉장히 싫어해서 그냥 솔직하고 비유적인 가사를 주로 썼어요. 그게 제일 큰 특징인 것 같아요.
MC : Hankyul makes the lyrics and music, but he really hates love and stereotypical lyrics. So, he mainly writes sincere and metaphorical lyrics. I think that’s our signature.

류인혁: 동양적인 감성이 잘 표현된 곡들을 지니고 있다고 생각합니다.
IH : I think there are songs that can express the Eastern feel.

오주환: 이미지.
Joohwan [JH]: Our image.

What is the bittersweet of being a rock band in Korea, when people outside Korea know KPOP more than other genres of music?

고한결: 아무래도 한국에선 록 음악의 입지가 그다지 넓지 못한 것 같습니다. 기타 음악이 전반적으로 그렇지요. 형광색 옷을 입고 춤추는 애들이 그렇게 멋있는지 모르겠어요. 그래도 고충이라고 할 것까진 없어요.
HK: I think  the opportunity to be successful as a rock band in Korean music scene is relatively small, unlike other types of music. I don’t know whether wearing flashy clothes and being able to dance are considered as cool or not. But I personally have no desire to do so.

배상환: 다양성이 중요한데 너무 획일적이예요. 생소하더라도, 자신들과 맞지 않다 하더라도 밴드의 개성이나 보편적이지 않은 점들도 이해해 줬으면 합니다.
SH : Diversity is important but I do not see it in KPOP. They are very identical. Sometimes, we need to try to explore different things, although it may not suit ourself and our tastes.

류인혁: 한국 역시 밴드보다 케이팝이 더 잘 알려져 있습니다. 음악에 집중하기 위한 환경이나 여건이 좋지 않은 상황입니다.
IH : Compared to bands, indeed Korea is more famous with KPOP. But in music, if we are too focused on the environment or surrounding conditions only is also not a good thing.

오주환: 한국 방송에는 밴드가 나갈 만한 프로그램이 없습니다. 밴드 활동만으로도 생활하기가 솔직히 어렵고, 더 많은 사람들에게 밴드를 알리려면 있는 그대로의 모습보다 나름의 검열이 작용하는 것 같습니다.
JH : In Korea, there is no TV program that just features only bands. Honestly, to live only from doing band is difficult. But I prefer to show my musical works to people rather than showing the difficulties.

고명철: 들어갈 수 있는 문이 한정적이고 좁습니다. 그 문조차도 요새는 상업적인 오디션 프로그램에 막혀 거의 닫혀 있습니다. 수많은 좋은 노래들을 가진 홍대 밴드가 좋은 음악을 만들어 놓고 대중에게 알려지지 못한채 묻히는 것 같습니다. 음원을 구매하지 않는 시장 자체도 큰 장애물이 되고, 현재 국내 음악 시장은 음악 자체보다 각종 보이는 것들과 결합되어 가고 있어서 더더욱 빛을 볼 수 없게 만드는 것 같습니다.
MC : For a rock band, the windows of opportunity that can be entered are very limited and small. Opportunity to audition in a commercial program is almost closed. In my opinion, a lot of good songs from the musicians in Hongdae are not publicly known. Piracy is also one of the major obstacles. Plus, the local music market now looks more into other factors beyond the music itself, making quality songs is hard to shine.

[Behind The Scene-Eastern Sidekick’s Journey In Singapore]

If we are not mistaken, in 2013, was it the first time you performed outside Korea (Singapore and Japan). Have you ever thought that you guys would have this kind of opportunity? How did you feel about it?

배상환: 좋은 경험이었고, 아쉬움이 많이 남습니다. 좋은 기회였는데… 다시 기회가 온다면 최선을 다할 것입니다.
SH: It’s a nice experience but I have many regrets. It’s a great opportunity but … if the opportunity comes again, I’ll do my best

고명철: 음악을 시작하고 이스턴 사이드킥을 시작하며 많은 분들이 도와주셨고, 해외 무대 또한 그에 대한 연장선이라 생각합니다. 감상이라고 하기 보다는 믿기 힘들고 기뻤죠.
MC: There are a lot of people who helped me when I started doing music and started with ESK. I think we could perform in international stages because of them too. Rather than feel emotional, I find it unbelievable and I feel happy.

오주환: 기회는 언제든지 오는 것이라고 생각합니다. 우리가 얼만큼 준비가 잘 되어 있었는지는 모르겠지만, 보컬의 입장에서 보자면 다른 언어를 쓰는 사람들 앞에서 노래를 부른다는 것이 조금 부담스러웠습니다. 하지만 좋은 경험이었습니다.
JH : I think opportunity could come anytime. It doesn’t matter how much preparation we have, we still can’t foresee whether we will succeed or not, but if I see from the vocalist’s point of view, singing songs in front of people who use a different language is really burdensome. But it was still a nice experience.

류인혁: 해외무대라는 건 언제나 꿈꿨지만, 이렇게 단시간 안에 해낼지는 몰랐습니다. 너무 놀랐고 기뻤습니다.
IH : International stage has always been my dream, but I didn’t know it would come this soon. I’m really surprised and happy.  

고한결: 정말 기분 좋은 일이었어요. 막연한 기대는 있었지만 우리 음악을 연주하러 해외에 가는 일은 쉽게 오지 않을 일이라고 생각해요.
HK : I feel really happy. I have a little expectation, but I think going abroad to play our music is not easy to achieve.

What kind of preparation that you did and what were your expectations when performing outside of Korea at that time? Are there any interesting stories during your performances in those countries?

고한결: 일본이요. 썸머소닉 페스티벌에서 연주하게 되었는데, 저희는 사실 실내 무대가 아니라 야외 무대였어요. 무지막지하게 더워서 대기할 때부터 얼음찜질하면서 기다렸어요. 무대가 끝나고 내려와서도 더위로 많이 고생했고요. 그리고 그 다음날 쇼핑하려고 막 거리를 돌아다니는데 어느 일본 분이 어제 공연 잘 봤다고, 같이 사진 찍을 수 있겠냐고 물어보셨는데 신기했어요.
HK : In the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan, we performed on the outdoor stage. While we had to stand by for our stage, we were waiting with ice pack to cool our bodies off because the weather is very hot. After our perfomance done, it was even getting hotter. So  suffering. The next day when we were shopping, we met with the Japanese who watched our performance on the previous day. They requested to take pictures with us. It was really fun

오주환: 특별히 준비한 건 없었어요. 평소대로 공연했습니다. 기대했던 건 또 다른 기회를 잡는 것이었고, 에피소드는 썸머소닉에 온 유명한 아티스트들을 아주 가까운 거리에서 보았던 점이 기억에 남습니다.
JH : There wasn’t any special preparation. It was like any other show that we usually do. The moment that I remember was when I got to see very famous artists that also performed in Summer Sonic up close. I expected to get more opportunities like this.

고명철: 특별히 준비한 것은 없었고, 기대보다는 알려지지 않은 곳에서 공연을 한다는 것이 걱정되었습니다. 그래도 재밌는 공연이었습니다. 에피소드는 인혁이랑 주환이형이 술 취해서 싱가폴 거리를 미친듯이 뛰어다닌 정도?
MC : We didn’t have any special preparation and instead of expecting it, we thought performing in unfamiliar places is nerve-wrecking. Nevertheless, it was fun. The episode I remember with Inhyuk and Juhwan was when we’re jumping around like crazy people in Singapore because we’re drunk.

류인혁: 새 기타를 구입했습니다.^^ 그 나라의 음식을 먹었는데 참 즐거웠습니다.
IH: I got a new guitar. ^^  and I enjoyed tasting food in the countries we’re visiting.

By performing outside Korea, do you feel like you have gained more international fans and ESK’s music is increasingly accepted in the international community?

고한결: 아직 체감은 못하고 있어요. 과연 저희가 해외 팬이 있을까요.
HK : We can’t still estimate it. I wonder do we have international fans?

배상환: 아직…
SH : Not yet.

고명철: 아직까지는 잘 모르겠습니다.
MC : Up to now, we still don’t really know.

류인혁: 해외 관련 반응은 체감 못하고 있습니다. ^^
IH : The international response still cannot be calculated ^^

You also released your third mini album “Hammer Lane” last September. Can you tell us a bit about this album? What is the difference from your previous albums?

고한결: EP로 4곡이 실려있는데, 곡 수가 적으니만큼 곡에 담긴 심상이 조금은 일치하는 부분이 있어요. ‘도시생활은 힘들다’ 정도로 요약할 수 있겠네요. 편곡적으로는 어떤 의도를 가지고 통일성 있는 곡을 만들어야겠다라는 의도는 없었어요. 다만 이빨과 땀의 경우에는 기존에 저희가 주로 사용했던 리프진행에 있어서 좀 더 다양한 구성을 만들려고 노력했습니다.
HK : This EP contains 4 songs only. Due to low numbers, the conclusion can be drawn that there is always a topic on every song, which is “City Life is Difficult”. It wasn’t my intention to make the same theme when I make those songs. However, on ‘이빨과 땀’ (Teeth and Sweat), we use more progressive Riff than we usual do and try to create variation in the composition.

고명철: 이 부분은 한결이가 설명해야 하겠지만, 개인적으로는 좀 더 거친 사운드가 나온 것 같아 이전 앨범보다는 마음에 듭니다.
MC : This part should have been explained by Hankyul, but I personally like this album better than the previous one since the sound is fiercer.

From this third mini album. Which song is your favorite and why?

류인혁: 이빨과 땀. 저희 밴드 색의 정점이라고 생각합니다.
IH: ‘이빨과 땀’ (Teeth and Sweat). I think it is the definite color of our band.

배상환: 묽은 밤. 그 동안의 곡들과는 확실히 다르다고 생각합니다. 한 발짝 더 나아갔다고나 할까.
SH : ‘묽은 밤’ (Sloppy Night). I think it’s really different from our previous songs. It would be one step forward.

고명철: 서울. 기타 솔로가 좋아요. 가사와, ‘마음 가눌 곳 하나 없는 건 좀 그렇다’ 이 부분.
MC : ‘서울’ (Seoul). I like the solo guitar. I like the lyric and the part ‘마음 가눌 곳 하나 없는 건 좀 그렇다’ (There’s no place to soothe the heart)

고한결: 이빨과 땀이 좋습니다. 연주할 때 제일 흥분되는 곡입니다.
HK : I like ‘이빨과 땀’ (Teeth and Sweat). It is the song that makes me really excited when I play it.

오주환: 서울. 서울에 올라온 지방 사람을 잘 표현한 노래라서.
JH : ‘서울’ (Seoul). This is a song that represents countryside people who come to Seoul.

[Eastern Sidekick – 이빨과 땀 MV]

Could you tell us the process in making this album? From creating a song and finally becoming an album.

고한결: 어느 정도의 보컬라인과 편곡적인 부분을 준비해서 합주를 시작합니다. 합주를 하면서 라인을 다듬고, 후렴구를 한 번 더 반복할지나 벌스 부분에 몇 번째에서 텀을 줄 것인가. 이런 부분을 신경쓰며 곡을 픽스하고, 주환이형이 어떻게 부를지 감을 잡을 수 있도록 합주를 많이 하지요. 공연에 실제로 올려보기도 하고요. 그리고 녹음실에 가서 이것저것 심벌이나 스네어, 기타, 이펙터를 바꿔 가며 톤을 정하고 녹음을 하지요.
HK : When we have the material for a song, we prepare the vocals and the music arrangement and began to do the ensemble together. When making this ensemble, we reduce the lyrics that are not necessary. We then begin to determine the distribution of the chorus and verse. Here, the reparation needs to be done carefully and consider how Juhwan sings it. Therefore, the ensemble can be done many times. We also consider how the song will be played when during live performance. After that, we record the song while experimenting with cymbals or snare, plus guitar effect. We also decide the tone of the song.

Most of your songs are about daily life. But why there are no songs about love? Is there any special reason?

고명철: 군대 갔다와서 사랑에 대한 노래는 필요 없다고 한결이가 느낀 것 같아요. 군대 가기 전에는 사랑 노래도 썼었어요.
MC : It seems Hankyul doesn’t need songs about love after military service. Before that, he wrote love songs.

고한결: 사랑 노래는 남들이 많이 하기도 하고, 좀 어울리지 않는다고 생각해요. 약간 어색하기도 합니다.
HK : I think, writing love songs like other male songwriters doesn’t fit me. It’s a bit awkward.

In playing music, how far do you want to get, especially with ESK? The Grammy Awards may be?

고한결: 명예.
HK : To get honor.

류인혁: 그래미상 꼭 받고 싶습니다.
IH : Yes, I have to get Grammy Awards.

고명철: 더 큰 무대에 서 보는 것이죠. 개인적으로는 영국에 가보고 싶습니다.
MC : To see myself standing on a bigger stage. Personally, I wanna go to UK.

What is your biggest plan for 2014?

고한결: 좋은 곡을 많이 쓰는 것입니다.
HK : To write many good songs.

고명철: 다음 앨범을 위한 곡들이 잘 만들어지고, 더 발전한 밴드가 돼서 큰 무대에 서는 것입니다.
MC : For the next album, I want to write songs well, to be a more developed band and to stand on a bigger stage.

배상환: 사랑.
SH : Love.

오주환: 작년보다 더 많은 책을 읽는 것.
JH : Compared to last year, to read more books.

류인혁: 지금 이대로 잘 해나가는 것입니다.
IH : To be as good as  I am today.

You’ve been together for years; of course you know each other very well. Can you describe each member in one sentence? What makes you guys can last a long time as a band?

류인혁: 고한결-옹고집 고명철-엄마 배상환-애기 오주환-음유시인
IH : Hankyul – Stubborn. Myungchul – Mom. Sanghwan – Baby. Juhwan – Minstrel

고한결: 고명철-머리가 좋고 체력이 약해진 드러머.

오주환-걸음이 느려서 항상 뒤에서 걸어오는, 앵콜 싫어하는 보컬.

배상환-장난치는 걸 좋아하는 감정기복 심한 형.

류인혁-옆에서 계속 소리지르고, 머리스타일 자주 바꾸는 친구.

계약이 저희를 유지하게 합니다.

HK: Myungchul – A drummer who is smart but has a weak stamina.

Joohwan – A brother who enjoys walking so he always walks at the back, and a vocalist   who doesn’t like doing encore.

Sanghwan – A brother who likes to do mischievous things.

Inhyuk – He keeps yelling next to me and often changes his hairdo. His promise to always keep supporting us. *Inhyuk was the last member joined and needed to be persuaded twice to join.

고명철: 배상환-겉모습과 다른 순수함.

오주환-겉모습과 다른 연약함.

류인혁-겉모습과 다른 깔끔함

고한결-겉모습과 다른 감수성

MC: Sanghwan – Innocent, pure, different from his appearance.

Joohwan – vulnerable, different from his appearance

Inhyuk – Neat, different from his appearance

Hankyul – Sensitive, different from his appearance

오주환: 서로 간섭하지 않는 것.
JH : We don’t interfere each other.
*Joohwan talked about how they survive as a band

 What are the strengths of each member that you wish you have?

고한결: 주환이형의 옷발. 상환이형의 기럭지.
HK : Joohwan’s sense of fashion. Sanghwan’s proportional body.

배상환: 류인혁의 모션.
SH : Ryu In Hyuk’s motion when performing

고명철: 다른 멤버들의 외모를 가지고 싶어요.
MC : I want other members’ appearance.

[Eastern Sidekick – 묽은 밤 MV]

You are known as a band with good looking members. What do you think is good and bad of this?

류인혁: 음악보다 얼굴이 먼저 이슈가 되는 것-얼굴로라도 알려진 후 음악에 관심 가져주시는 것.
IK : More than the music, appearance becomes the first issue – after knowing our faces, people become more interested in our songs.

고한결: 그렇게 생각해 주셔서 감사합니다. 음 아무래도 그렇게 보이신다면 좀 더 저희를 기억해 주시기가 쉬우니, 그런 점에서는 장점이 될 수 있지요. 제 생각엔 록밴드란 잘 생기지 않아도 멋있어야 된다고 생각합니다. 단점은 딱히 모르겠어요.
HK : Thank you for thinking that way. Hm, if it makes it easier for people to remember us, it’s a good point, isn’t it? I think, even though a rock band isn’t good looking, they must be cool in my mind. I don’t really know the bad point.

오주환: 단점이 없다는 게 장점 같습니다.
JH : The good point is there’s no bad point in being good looking

Due to this predicate, it’s no surprise that you have lots of female fans. During your performance, have you ever spotted an attractive girl or your ideal type among the audience? What do you do when it happens? Does it affect you performance (like getting more excited)?

배상환: 다 임자 있더라(멤버들 안에서)
SH : All the pretty girls are taken. (happened with other members too)
*Why does it sound sad and funny at the same time 😀

고한결: 만난 적이 있는지에 대해서는 노코멘트할게요. 만일 만나게 된다면 속으로 우와 진짜 예쁘다, 이러면서 슬쩍슬쩍 쳐다보면서 기타 치겠지요. 끝나고 멤버들에게 ‘걔 봤어?’ 이러면서 아쉬워하겠지요. 더 신나게 하진 않을 것 같아요.
HK : I have no comment whether we’ve met that kind of fan or not. In case I meet someone like that, I’ll just think “Wow, very beautiful.” and secretly look at her while playing guitar. After finishing the performance, I’ll ask the members, “Did you see her?” while feeling regret. I won’t do anything more than that.

류인혁: 예쁜 여성분들도 좋지만, 신나게 뛰어노는 팬이 더 좋아요.
IH : I like looking at pretty women, but I prefer exciting and playful fans.

Aside from doing music, what are your other activities? We heard that one of you is in candle business

오주환: 작년 9월에 월든Walden이라는 향초 브랜드를 런칭했습니다. 헨리 데이빗 소로우의 소설책에서 영감을 받아 제작했고, 자연주의를 표방한 프리미엄 향초입니다. 핸드메이드로 작업하고, 백화점 및 서울 주요 지역 10여개 매장에서 판매 중입니다.
JH : Last September I launched an aromatic candle brand named Walden. When I read Henry David Thoreau’s book, I got inspired and adopted the naturalism to start making a premium aromatic candle. It’s a handmade and sold in more that 10 main regions in Seoul.

류인혁: 저는 레고 조립하는 걸 좋아합니다.
IH : I like assembling Lego.

고명철: 낚시나 드라이브 정도?ㅎㅎ
MC : Fishing or driving a car? Haha.

고한결: 겨울이라 못하는데, 낚시를 조금씩 배우려 노력하고 있어요.
HK : Because now it’s winter I can’t do it, but I’m trying to learn fishing.

In the next ten years, what do you want to be or what are the achievements you want to have?

류인혁: 복합문화공간을 만들고 싶습니다.
IH : I want to build a cultural space.

고명철: 많은 사람들에게 인정받는 밴드가 되고 싶습니다.
MC : I want the band to get recognition from a lot of people.

고한결: 음악으로 명예로울 수 있었으면 좋겠어요.
HK : I’d be very happy to be famous through music.

What is ESK to each one of you?

배상환: 지금의 나.
SH : It’s who I am now.

고명철: 그냥 내 자신.
MC : My confidence.

오주환: Just band.
JH : Just a band.

류인혁: 동방옆차기.
IH : Eastern Sidekick.
* Inhyuk wrote the Korean words for Eastern Sidekick. Such a jokester 🙂

고한결: 우리의 많은 정성과 노력.
HK : Our sincerity and hard work.

Last but not least, have you ever heard about Indonesia or music scene in Indonesia? If you get a chance to be able to perform in Indonesia, what do you think?

배상환: 어디든 새로운 곳이면 감정도 새로이 돋아나는 것 같습니다. 그만큼 신나는 무대가 될 것 같습니다.
SH: Every time I visit a new place wherever it is, I always feel the overwhelming fresh sensation. Therefore, the performance would be as fresh as my feeling.

고명철: 일본 후지TV에서 같이 촬영했던 팀(’Asia Versus’ is aired on Fuji TV and there were appeared various Indonesian bands such as Tokyo Lite, Pee Wee Gaskins, Kyla Pisita) 중에 있었던 것 같아요. 전체적으로 ‘많이 다르다’는 느낌은 없었던 것 같습니다. 공연 기회가 온다면 정말 좋겠습니다.
MC : When we were participating in a Fuji TV program (Asia Versus), if I’m not mistaken, there were also Indonesian teams. Overall, I don’t feel Indonesian music is much different. If there’s a chance to perform there, we’ll be very happy.

고한결: 자카르타나 발리, 서핑이 유명한 곳. 불러만 주시면 날아갈게요.
HK : Jakarta or Bali, a famous surfing place. If we got a call to perform, we’ll fly away.

오주환: 아직 음악은 들어본 적 없습니다. 해외 공연은 어디든지 반갑습니다.
JH : I haven’t got the chance to listen. Wherever we go, it would be nice to meet you all.

류인혁: 스무살 때 자카르타에 가서 홈스테이를 했었는데, 왈디Waldi와 펠릭스Felix라는 친구들을 만나서 함께 음악을 듣고 같이 연주도 했었습니다. 그때 들었던 음악이 인도네시아 밴드의 노래였는데, 레게음악이었던 걸로 기억합니다. 영감을 받을 만큼 좋았습니다. 인도네시아에서 공연을 하게 된다면 영광입니다!
IH : When I was 20, I came to Indonesia and had a homestay in Jakarta. I met friends named Waldi and Felix then we listened to and played Indonesian music. At that time, I listened to music from an Indonesian band and I remember that it was reggae. I got so much inspiration. I would feel honored if I can perform in Indonesia.

So that’s RekON’s chat with Eastern Sidekick. Who would want them to perform in Indonesia? Trust us, ONers must see their live performance and you’d be awestruck by their appearance. While waiting for a promoter or EO that would bring them here, follow their latest info and know them personally from their Twitter account.

Official Twitter 
Official Facebook Page
Official Website
Official Instagram
Official Soundcloud

Hankyul Pesonal Twitter
Inhyuk Personal Twitter
Joohwan Personal Twitter
Myungchul Personal Twitter

Written by JM, official pics and videos from Fluxus

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