[PHOTOBLOG] Final Tur ‘The Epilogue’ St.Clair 18122013

Following the release of their minialbum The Epilogue, St.Clair toured Japan and held the finale in clubasia, Shibuya on December 18th, 2013.  RekON were lucky to be able to attend the final gig (you can contact the bands directly to reserve advanced tickets to their shows).  We didn’t regret coming to the show at all, although we had to walk through the rain on a freezing winter night (us being tropical beings).  Now, let our photos show you how mindblowing the gig was!


The ritual right before they started their set!! St.Clair of course were the last to perform that night, this being their tour finale.


Singer Kaz and guitarist Kosuke!


Keita coolly keeping the rhythm


You can see how the band really enjoyed their performance!


They performed songs like Break Away and All From Here


Let your hair down with St.Clair… or up?


The audience too was such a delightful crowd, shouting, singing along, raising their hands, and… hand clapping along with the band!


During the encore it got even crazier with stage invaders and crowd surfers!


The overall atmosphere was a warm and friendly gathering of people who really enjoyed music. We love it!


When the show ends, other bands that supported St.Clair that day also came to the stage to take pics together with the audience.

A message from Kaz for you! So... let's rock with St.Clair!

A message from Kaz for you! So… let’s rock with St.Clair!

It was a super fun night, and a whole new experience for us; we really enjoyed watching St.Clair’s performance and watching the crowd!  They looked truly happy and enjoying themselves.   Also, there were other bands that supported St.Clair that day – channel8, COUNTLOST, ENDER, My limit the universe, Nothing To Declare and SECONDWALL, so we had hours of great music and fun. (Check the bands out too if you haven’t, because they are such a cool bunch of bands!)

Another thing that you might love from this kind of gig is that after the show, the bands would blend with the crowd.  They might be at the merchandise booths, or standing next to you holding a drink, talking to you, hugging you like you are their old friends.  The relationship between bands and fans are respectfully close.

We think that we have found another niche in Japan that we need to explore more, because this niche provides us with so many interesting bands – many, sadly, have only been heard of by a very limited audience.  Can’t wait to experience more rocking fun with them!  Thank you St.Clair for a wonderful night!

Read our previous interview with St.Clair in English and Indonesian.

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