Fun Sunday at KPOP Vaganza Party COMMENITY with GEEKS & PHANTOM 24112013

The weather on Sunday afternoon, November 24, 2013, was really hot. But the hot sun didn’t discourage RekON to go to Gandaria City, the venue of KPOP Vaganza Party Commenity with Geeks & Phantom. K-pop Vaganza Party is a monthly event held by Dreamers Radio. And this time, together with Samsung Indonesia invited two special guests all the way from South Korea, a duo and trio from Korean Hip-hop, Geeks and Phantom. Korean Hip-hop (K-Hip-hop) lovers must be familiar with Geeks and Phantom, two active and famous groups in Hip-hop scene in South Korea. As the fans of K-Hip-hop, as well as the fans of Geeks and Phantom, it was no way that RekON would miss their performance. Knowing how hard it is to watch a K-Hip-hop show, made us really anticipate the show. Aside from RekON, these two Hip-hop groups also drew attention and were anticipated by K-Hip-hop lovers in Jakarta and surrounding areas. RekON even met Phantomisms (Phantom’s fans) from Malaysia.


RekON arrived at the venue around 10.30am, and the queue in front of Piazza Gandaria City was already quite crowded. Aside from Phantom’s and Geeks’ fans, the show was also attended by fans of S4, SOS and Alika Islamadina, who were also the guests for the show. The audience was allowed to enter the venue at around 1pm for registration, etc. We saw that the queue and the registration process were smooth and well-organized. There were no such things like pushing, cutting the line and overcrowding. The cooperation between the security officers and the crew working that day was pretty good. The audience was allowed to enter the show area gradually and given stamps as a proof of admission. With that stamp, the audience was allowed to wander around the show venue, which was located outside Gandaria City. Due to the hot weather, some of the audience got in and out the mall just to feel the cool air from the air-con. Well, we did that too!


The show started at around 2 PM with the MV playback of Phantom, S4 and Geeks which, of course, caused the audience to scream hysterically. S.O.S appeared on the stage and opened the show. The six young girls from YS Entertainment, graduated from Galaxy Superstar and trained in South Korea, performed beautifully and energetically that day. With monochrome stage costumes, black and white, the girls opened the show really well and brought up the atmosphere. RekON could see a lot of S.O.S’s fan boys there!


After a song from S.O.S, two DJs in charge that day, DJ Erdhio and DJ Sisy from Dreamers Radio, continued the show with games. After that, 3GB took over the stage. 3GB is a rookie Indonesian Hip-hop group from Big Entertainment and they surely didn’t miss the chance to introduce themselves and show their abilities to the audience that day. Seeing their talent, we really hope they can be big in Indonesian music scene.


After another game segment, Alika appeared on stage and started to sing Aku Pergi. In a white-pink mini dress and a white cat-ear-shaped headband, Alika looked gorgeous. However, there was a situation that caught RekON’s attention. While Alika was on stage, the audience caught a glimpse of boygroup S4 preparing  themselves for their performance at the side stage and it made S4’s fans scream hysterically. It didn’t annoy Alika but it quite made her lost her concentration on stage, and of course it annoyed other fans who were enjoying Alika’s performance. If we attend a music festival, it will be nice if we respect another performer who was on stage as well as other members of the audience. Hopefully, that kind of incident won’t happen again.


After Alika, S.O.S was back on stage with Drop It Low, followed by S4. These four handsome guys, the winner of Galaxy Superstar, was one of the most anticipated guests that day. Before singing, Firly, Jeje, Arthur and Alif must first pick four people from the audience as their partner for the following game. In that full of laughter game, Alif and his couple lost and must receive a punishment from the DJs. The punishment was watching a video message from Alif’s mom. Apparently, the game was just a trick to give Alif a birthday surprise. The audience sang  ‘Happy Birthday’ song for him, and birthday cake was given by Dreamers Radio to Alif. We could see that Alif was touched by the surprise given by his friends and crews. Not long after, S4 sang Driving Me Crazy. The performance was amazing and they’ve improved a lot since their debut stage last year. Their hot performance deserved hysterical screaming from their fans.



Finally, it’s the moment. Three men in black appeared on stage. Phantom’s here! Phantom members looked very casual and unified in all-black outfits. The appearance of Kiggen, Sanchez and Hanhae made all ladies that day hysterical. Being really friendly, they always gave their killer smiles and waved their hands at the whole audience as their gratitude. To heat up the atmosphere, DJ Sisy and DJ Erdhio asked Phantom to play a game. In this game, Phantom members wore baju Lurik and were asked to seduce DJ Sisy in Indonesian language. Why DJ Sisy? Because the fans might pass out if they’re seduced by Phantom members!


Sanchez was picked as the first. After hearing the instruction from the interpreter, Sanchez walked toward DJ Sisy and they did the ‘waving’ move together, which, of course, caused the fans to scream. At the end of ‘seduction’ session, Sanchez hugged DJ Sissy, and again, made the fans scream loudly. After Sanchez, It was time for Hanhae. Shyly, he followed DJ Erdhio’s instruction to seduce and at the end of the session, Hanhae hugged DJ Sisy too. For the second time, Phantomisms were heart-broken. Last but not least Kiggen answered  the challenge. Although blushing, he did the challenge really well. And, of course, Kiggen hugged DJ Sisy too. Ouch, what’s that sound we heard? That’s the sound of Phantomism’s hearts breaking!


After the games, Phantom started their performance with Phantom City. The fans’ screaming was getting louder, which made Phantom got all excited too. Sanchez, who was Phantom’s spokesperson for that day, expressed his amazement over Indonesian fans’ spirit. Sanchez then asked “What song do you want us to sing?”. Everyone screamed their own favorite song. Sanchez teased the audience by singing a line of Come as You Are and I Already Know. After that, Sanchez asked , “Have you watched Phantom’s new MV?” There was a choir of “Yeeeessss!” to the question. Then the intro of New Era was played and all Phantomisms sang along. In the middle of the song, Sanchez screamed “Jakarta Jeongmal Micheosso”. At the end of the song he asked, “Do you know the meaning of ‘Micheosso?”, when we said “Crazy”, he said “Yes, crazy. Jakarta is Crazy. Make some noise!!!” and the crowd went even crazier. Phantom brought the atmosphere to the next level by singing the medley of their anthems, Burning and Hole in Your Face for the last song. The crowd kept singing along (half screaming due to their excitement) until the end of the song.



Phantom – Burning & Hole in Your Face (medley)

But the fun didn’t stop there because Geeks immediately took over the stage and the crowd, again, screamed to the top of their lungs. To cool down the atmosphere, Geeks were asked to wear baju Lurik and played games with the DJs. Unfortunately, due to the short duration, the games went pretty fast and then they immediately started their performance with Who Are You. The cheerful beats and fun stage act amazed the audience. Lil Boi and Louie were also really funny and nice as they kept smiling at the crowd. Geeks were surprised when knowing  there were a lot of Nerds (Geeks’ fans) in Indonesia who were really expecting their performance. It seemed to us that they really wanted to communicate more with the fans, but due to the language limitation, they didn’t talk a lot that day. Nevertheless, they kept saying ‘Thank You’ and ‘I love you’ while smiling as their gratitude to the fans.


Geeks – Fly 

After singing the second the second song, Fly, Louie said that they would sing the song with someone special. Suddenly, J.L of S.O.S appeared on stage and they sang Officially Missing You, Too. The crowd sang together to this sweet tune. When the DJs asked which singer they would like to collaborate with, both Louie and Lil Boi shyly answered IU. Wow, Geeks are IU’s fan boys 😀 After singing three mid-tempo songs and cooling down for a bit, Geeks brought up the atmosphere back by singing one of their fast tempo songs, Siren. They showed their rap skills and made the crowd at Piazza Gandaria City jump, following the beats.


For the next stage, Phantom and Firly of S4 joined the stage and sang the Phantom’s version of Move like Jagger. All  performers jumped around to the song, as well as the audience. Sanchez and Firly even rapped with Geeks. It was crazy and fun. Unfortunately, it was the last song performed by Phantom and Geeks that day.


Continuously waving at the audience and saying thank you, Phantoms and Geeks went back to the waiting room for the next event, the group photo session with Phantom and Geeks. The lucky winners had already been selected by Dreamers Radio and Samsung Indonesia. There were five lucky winners, one fan boy (paired with Sanchez) and four fan girls (paired with Geeks and the rest of Phantom’s members). They had to follow the particular ‘hugging pose’ from dramas or movies’ posters. Oops … but Sanchez ‘s partner was a guy? How did it go? Well, it was piece of a cake for Sanchez. He casually did the intimate pose with the guy.


However, the one who was paired with Lil Boi received ‘Zonk’ and she couldn’t take a group photo with Lil Boi. But no worries, the ‘Zonk’ card meant the biggest prize for that day’s event. Not only she received a prize from Lil Boi as her couple, she also received balloons and CDs from Geeks and Phantom. No group photo, but she got bigger prizes! After the group photo event, Phantom and Geeks left the venue. No need to be sad because S4 was still there to sing She’s My Girl to close the K-pop Vaganza event that afternoon. What a fun Sunday, right, ONers? We’re sure you had fun just like we did!

RekON would like to thank Dreamers Radio as the organizer of the show, BIG Entertainment, Rainbowbridge Agency Inc., WA Entertainment and YS Entertainment for the opportunity and cooperation given, the staffs on duty that day for the hard work. Last but not least to the very kind managers and staffs of Geeks and Phantom. Kamsahamnida!

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