Projects for PHANTOM and GEEKS from Indonesian Fans 22-23112013

Phantom and Geeks visited Indonesia on November 22-24, 2013 for “Indonesia Promotion”. They attended a show called KPOPVAGANZA that was  held in Gandaria City by Dreamers Radio. They arrived in Indonesia at night on November 22. We welcomed them at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. We had been waiting for them patiently but when they arrived, they suddenly rushed into the van. Fortunately, some of us were able to catch them up and had a little conversation with Phantom’s member, Sanchez ~~~ He’s so kind ! ^^ I got to hi-five  him and he said, “See you on Sunday”. Louie “GEEKS” also waved at us . After that, Phantom members and Geeks members got into the van one by one. The van didn’t leave immediately as they were still waiting for the Korean crews and we stood near the van and waited until they left. While waiting, we gave them food via Dreamers Radio crew. Guess what we gave? XD We gave them Sate ~! Hahaha they loved it ~! Later on, Kiggen posted it on his Twitter :).


We’re really happy that they appreciated our dedication to them ~~~^^v. Here are some photos that I took at the airport ~ Sorry, they’re blur because I was  too excited and they super rushed into the van, almost like ninjas!


Well, as Kiggen posted on his twitter, they had schedule (Fridaykustik) on Dreamers Radio last Saturday (November 23, 2013) and we visited them again to give our project ^^.


The projects contained food supports and also love letters.  We waited patiently for them at Dreamers Radio Cafe since morning.


Around 10AM, GEEKS finally showed up 🙂 ~! We greeted them and said hello and they greeted us back. Louie and Lil’ Boi were very humble. They directly went into studio and shot for Fridaykustik. We waited again and around 12PM (lunch time), PHANTOM arrived. We greeted them and waited for them outside. PHANTOM went in and had lunch with GEEKS and the Korean staffs at Dreamers Radio Cafe. They ate Nasi Goreng 🙂 🙂 🙂 After lunch, PHANTOM shot for Fridaykustik, while GEEKS waited for them at the cafe.

Finally, they finished all the schedules at Dreamers Radio around 5PM. We met them and gave our project. They were really happy with our projects 🙂 🙂 🙂 ~~ We explained to them that these projects were a collaboration from PHANTOM Indonesia, GEEKS Indonesia and also from international fans such as @fyeahphantom. For love letters, we let them know that we collected the letters from all around the world and gave the letters to them. They were very happy hearing it, especially Louie (GEEKS). He just found out that there are so many fans who love GEEKS in Indonesia and for PHANTOM, they were happy that they’ve gained more fans in Indonesia.  🙂




We had a little chit-chat with them. Kiggen asked me ,“Which one of these albums that you like?” There were Phantom City and Phantom Theory Album 🙂 hehehe I answered “For the design, I love Phantom Theory, it’s more artistic. For the songs, I love all songs in Phantom’s Albums”  🙂 ~ Hanhae was very calm and quiet. He only said thank you and gave a lot of smile. One exciting thing was  Sanchez wore Batik that Phantom Indonesia’s staff gave him last year when PHANTOM visited Indonesia in 2012.



GEEKS Indonesia’s admin also chatted with Louie and explained the gift that she gave was Batik. Louie seemed suprised, “This is for us ? Wow thank you” and gave her his humble smile. Lil’ Boi was very curious about the gift and he opened it. Louie looked very confused about the gift and Geeks Indonesia’s admin  explained, “This is called Batik. Like the one I wear” then Louie responded “Wow, I like it”. She also asked Louie to wear the Batik and he said “Ooh OK, I will wear it”. They were really humble and throughout the conversation, they always gave us their smile very brightly 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yeay~~~ our projects succeeded ~~~ ^^

Big thanks to Dreamers Radio, Mr. Ahn (WA Entertainment + Grandline + Rainbowbridge + YS Media representative in Indonesia) , and Mas Adhi from Big Entertainment who let us do this project ^^

Also all Phantomism and Nerds around the world who already supported this project.  ^^ ❤ <3<3

See you again SOON ~ ~~ Maybe 2014 ??? Hope So ! ^___^ 🙂 🙂 🙂

Always support PHANTOM and GEEKS 🙂

Story and Photos by Phantom Indonesia & Geeks Indonesia 

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Click the pic to follow them on twitter

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