Korea Indonesia Cultural Exchange Festival 21042013

The songlist for the KICEF concert was a bit similar to Eru’s solo concert the day before. The differences were  the show was only for invitees and Shin Bora acted as the MC of the night. Although it was drizzling, the performers still managed to show their best. We’re glad we had the precious opportunity to attend the concert and took some photos of the performers. If you’re a fan of the sweet Shin Bora, we’re pretty sure you don’t wanna miss them!

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_Eru1Eru and the dancers still performed passionately for the second day of the concert.

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_Eru2Bowing to the audience to show his gratitude.

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_boraailee2See how happy Bora was when performing with Ailee ❤

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_boraaileeHand in hand, giving their best performance to the audience.

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_boraendingA thumb up from Bora!

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_BoraShe looked so fresh in this outfit, didn’t she?

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_ErushorryShorry J always knows how to heat up the stage.

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_shorryJ1Let’s jig with Shorry J!

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_taejinah2Eru’s father, Tae Jin Ah, also sang some of his songs that night. Look how stylish he was on stage!

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_taejinah1The legendary Trot singer

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_eruending1Does the way he stares successfully hypnotize you?

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_aileeending2Love sign from Ailee!

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_aileeendingWe adore her sincere smile, and we bet you love it too.

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_TakendingBae.chi.gi’s Tak captured the moment with his mobile phone. We hope you also keep it in your heart, Tak!

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_moowoongMoowoong didn’t want to miss it as well.

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_shorryendingShorry J looks really young in this picture!

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_allartistsendingThank you for the amazing night! We hope the friendship between Korea and Indonesia will continue and grow even more.

Jemuzz_kicef_21042013_aileeending3Still giving her sweet beam, even when the show has ended.

Thanks to IYAA for the chance to attend the KICEF concert.

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