GLAY Asia Tour 2013 JUSTICE & GUILTY in Hong Kong 25052013

We have to admit that we were waiting for the Hong Kong leg of GLAY Asia Tour 2013 JUSTICE & GUILTY with heart beating even faster than usual. Shadows of cancellation had been looming over the tour, with GLAY pulling out of the scheduled dates for Bangkok and Seoul due to various reasons. So it was with such a great relief when finally we saw them walking out of Arrival Hall B of Hong Kong International Airport on May 24th, surrounded by staffs and bodyguards, and quickly mobbed by fans.


TERU, TAKURO, JIRO, and HISASHI were all smiles (they walked in that order); but they dashed by so quickly, ushered by the bodyguards, straight to the limousine lounge.  Fans tried to follow, pushing each other, and some falling during the process.  HISASHI, who walked at the tail of the group, could only throw a glance but could not stop to offer help to fans lying on the floor.  Over-excited fans even carelessly rushed on the turned-off escalator when they went after GLAY, endangering themselves and everybody else, so that the guards needed to hark at them to keep things under control.  Only when the black cars with GLAY members inside had moved away then fans stopped and looked at each other, smiles and tears, happy to witness for themselves that their favourite band had really arrived in Hong Kong.



The next day, D-day, May 25th, 2013, we arrived at around 3pm in Asia World-Expo, where the concert was going to be held.  Merchandise sales would open at 5, but the line was already quite long, extending to the outer corridors.  By 4 pm, there were already too many people queuing, so they were moved to the hall directly facing the concert hall.  Amazingly it was done without any disorder arising – everyone was just so patient, so orderly.  While other fans lining up for the merchandise sale, fanbase staffs moved around, distributing banners and instructions for the surprise they had prepared for TAKURO.


About 10-15 minutes after 5, the sales were finally open.  Unfortunately, because of the limited merchandise, one person might only buy one item per type.  So we were not allowed to buy one yellow JUSTICE tote bag and one pink GUILTY tote bag, for instance; they were considered of the same type, so we could only choose one.  Even when finally we got our turn, the towels were already sold out.  We had to make do with a Hong Kong special tee (with HK’s beloved bauhinia) and a tote bag.


We then walked around to check what fans were doing.  The conditions outside the concert hall were like an impromptu party into where GLAY fans from Hong Kong and neighbouring countries poured in – chitchatting with each other, signing banners, receiving free stickers… Everyone was expectant, their faces beaming.


And when the audience was finally allowed into the concert hall, a surprise was waiting for them.  On every seat, lay a printed signed GLAY miniposter, with the writing ‘We just wanna say “Thank you” from bottom of our hearts for waiting!’ on it.  The concert had not begun, but there were already teary eyes in the house!


Then, a little while after the promised time (19.30), a film noir-styled animation began to be played on the giant screens (there are three screens in total, a very big one at the center and two smaller ones to the right and the left of the stage).  With the lights on, now the audience could clearly see that the left part of the stage (where HISASHI and JIRO usually stand) was set like a luxurious ballroom, while the right part was like a tattered back alley in a slum.  GLAY then without hesitation appeared in black/red outfits and began their main set with one of the songs from their new (double) albums, JUSTICE [from] GUILTY, followed by a long-time favourite, Yuuwaku.  Even from the beginning, we could see how excited GLAY were, and they couldn’t stop smiling through the concert, with TERU repeatedly shouting “Hong Kong! Come on!”

And, boy, the concert was very well-produced, with blaring but crisp-clear sound system, amazing lighting, breath-taking lasers, and wonderful pyroworks.  The flames were so hot that we could feel them although we sat at Row P!


TERU then took the time to greet the Hong Kong audience, in Chinese and English.  He explained that that night, they would play their greatest hits (along with brand new songs from JUSTICE and GUILTY).  This was a very thoughtful move for out-of-the-country fans who seldom got the chance to watch GLAY performing live – in Japan, their setlists are more various, incorporating a lot of newer songs, sometimes containing only two or three old songs.  Still it was a bit of a surprise to us when the third song to be performed was HEAVY GAUGE from 1999!

Then, before the next song, TERU said in English (he always tried to speak in English that night, with a minimum of Japanese, along with some cute broken attempt at Chinese): “We met a lot of people through this song.  I sing it with all my heart and soul for each and every one of you.”  Then the band launched into HOWEVER, that brought tears to many eyes of those who were present.


The atmosphere got heated up even more when TERU led the audience to spin their towels over their heads during Hana yo arashi yo.   Some fans still turned their wrists in time with the music, as if they’re holding the towels, when actually they didn’t.  Then imagine the screams when TERU threw his towel into the audience!  He then showed the audience how to move their fists up and down while jumping during everKrack.  Like Kusa yo arashi yo, everKrack is a new song in their latest album GUILTY, so the audience needed some examples to do the movement, but they caught up pretty soon!

After two more sweet songs – BE WITH YOU and Haru wo aisuru hito – GLAY disappeared from the stage, which went dark for a while.  Then another VCR was played: this time of a ladyboy who said that she’d taken over the show and would give a hot and sexy performance.  GLAY reappeared wearing white coats over their black/red costumes, except for JIRO who took off his coat to show black/white striped shirt, and now donned red-rimmed glasses.  While the VCR continued, GLAY performed WHO KILLED MY DIVA.  The audience laughed to see three masked-men show up on screens, shooting at the ladyboy with machine guns, but their bullets never hit their target.  The three men took off their masks – to reveal HISASHI’s, JIRO’s, and TAKURO’s faces – while the ladyboy took off her clothes, wig, and even her face and turned into… TERU!


The fun continued with Super Ball 425, during which TERU asked the audience to mimic what he shouted at them.  At first he led everyone to shout ‘yeah yeah yeah’, then only the ladies (with a high ‘yah’ to end their part), then only the boys (with heavy ‘woh woh woh’ to end theirs), and then the whole audience went together again.  It was truly a fun song for a live performance, for both the band and the audience alike!  This epic number was followed by two more old-time favourites, MERMAID and TOGETHER.


A funny moment happened at the beginning of BELOVED.  The song was just started, and it was HISASHI’s turn to show his nimble fingerskill… when something went wrong.  The song was brought to a halt amidst laughter, and JIRO tried to entice fans to jeer at HISASHI.  More concerned fans shouted “HISASHI, daijoubu? (HISASHI, are you alright?)” instead.  GLAY re-started the song, and now it proceeded beautifully.  It was a mistake, but it just added to the intimacy of the concert, that somehow did not get diminished although the size of the hall was massive.

Then, before SOUL LOVE, TERU introduced the band members and the support musicians to the audience – starting from Toshi the drummer, Sei-chan the keyboardist, then GLAY members themselves, with TERU being the last.  More old hits, Ikiteku Tsuyosa and Kanojo no “MODERN…”, defied the audience further to sit still.  Then, not only TERU, JIRO too took the mic to sing some parts of SHUTTER SPEEDS no THEME.  GLAY’s main set that night was closed with ACIDHEAD.  They hadn’t even truly left the stage when their fans began shouting for encore.  But of course, the audience had to wait for a while…


While waiting for the encore, some fans started chanting ‘I’m just in love, I’m just in love, oh singin’ my life’ as promised, but their chant was cut short when the giant screens started showing a History of GLAY video.  Some giggles were heard when GLAY of the very old times appeared with all their glory on the screens.  And audience once again broke into a chant, now louder than before, along with ‘I’m In Love’ video.

When GLAY returned to the stage wearing their Hong Kong tees, it’s time for the fanproject!  The audience lifted up the pink banners bearing the words ‘TAKURO, OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU (Happy birthday, TAKURO)’.  It was really a sweet surprise for TAKURO!  He said in English, “Tomorrow I turn 42, I’m very old, but I’m still in a rock band.”  Staff then pushed a guitar-shaped cake with candles to him.  “I hope it will not explode…”  The tall guitarist then blew off the candles, while TERU and the audience sang Happy Birthday to him.


Afterwards, GLAY asked the audience to record a video message for the fans in Taiwan, their next stop in the Asia tour.  TERU’s Chinese drew some giggles, but it just added to the cheerful atmosphere.


First song to grace the encore was Zutto futari de, that gave way to the hair-rising epic song I’m In Love.  The audience clapped their hands and lent their voices to the massive choir that got even more impressive when the music died down.  Without the mic, TERU shouted outloud, calling “Hong Kong!”, truly connected with the so-much love flowing, filling the hall.  We could also see how the eyes of the four band members glistened with drops of tears.

GLAY thanked the audience time and again.  “Thank you for the encore.”  And TERU again said in English, “We will see you soon.  I promise!”  So it looks like the future is bright for Hong Kong fans!  The band members then threw signed frisbees and guitar/bass picks to the audience – some fell close to where we were standing, but well, it was a tough competition getting one!


But the night was not over yet.  Hong Kong got a very special treatment in the form of a second encore.  GLORIOUS became the true last song of the glorious night, before GLAY really said goodbye along with their last thanks.  JIRO took pictures of the audience (probably you have seen the pic in the blogpost that he wrote), then walked backwards to the stage… only to stumble.  He looked embarassed, but this was another funny, cute bonus for the audience!

TAKURO was the last to left the stage.  He bowed for so long at the center of the stage, with his arms wrapped around his own body, as if he wanted to hug everyone in the audience.  We wouldn’t be surprised if anyone who’d stopped crying began to sob again, looking at TAKURO summarizing all the love in that perfect night with that pose.


GLAY left Hong Kong the next day, boarding a JAL flight to Haneda.  We managed to catch them near the gate.  Even though they were in a hurry (they were the last to board the plane), they still spared some time to fans for signs and handshakes, and of course, shared smiles with their fans.



Thank you GLAY for the amazing experience!

Setlist GLAY Hong Kong 25052013

  1. JUSTICE [from] GUILTY
  2. Yuuwaku
  4. Kuchibiru
  5. Hana yo Arashi yo
  6. everKrack
  9. Haru wo aisuru hito
  11. Super Ball 425
  16. Ikiteku Tsuyosa
  17. Kanojo no “MODERN…”

(encore I)

  1. Zutto futari de
  2. I’m in Love

(encore II)


6 responses to “GLAY Asia Tour 2013 JUSTICE & GUILTY in Hong Kong 25052013

  1. I honestly don’t know where to start commenting. First of all, I must say that this entry is very overwhelming for me. Even from the very early paragraphs about how excited and happy the fans were of seeing GLAY in airport…. I could feel it too. I just can’t imagine how my reaction would be if I were in their shoes, seeing my all-time favorite guys in front of my eyes. I’d probably either too stunned or too hysterical, hahaha

    I found it amazing how the fanbase worked to make their project success. It must be kind of tiring for them to move around distributing the banner. But yeah, that’s what we have to do if we want to make sure all (or at least, most) the audience could participate.

    The part about the printed sign poster with the message on it really brought me to tears, really. It was such sweet gesture that makes me fall in love more with this amazing group! And the tears wouldn’t stop falling as I read through the next parts about the concert itself. I must say that they did a great job with the setlist. Most of the songs are the songs that have been remembered by heart of the fans. Old and memorable songs are indeed the best choices for live, because it’s easier for fans to relate and lose themselves into the songs. But it’s also interesting to know that the audience were quick to catch on what to do for their new songs (like you described about everKrack).

    I got goosebumps just by imagining what kind of expression Takuro wore when he saw the project prepared for him. It must be such a sweet and heart-warming sight!! >____< I just can't help it. GLAY is like my all-time favorite groups whom even though I rarely talk about, my love for them runs deep in my vein. And to read such amazing blog about their concert only intensify my love and my belief that GLAY is indeed one of the best performer I've ever known. Their close chemistry with the fans is one of the thing that I never fail to witness from all of their concerts. So it's kind of overwhelming to know that it's really true, from your experience.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this amazing blog! Let's hope one day we can watch their love together :"D

  2. wordpress just suddenly decided to cut my comment?? O__o It’s a good thing I copied my comment before posting it, because this is what I actually wrote for the two last paragraphs:

    “I got goosebumps just by imagining what kind of expression Takuro wore when he saw the project prepared for him. It must be such a sweet and heart-warming sight!! >____< I just can't help it. GLAY is like my all-time favorite groups whom even though I rarely talk about, my love for them runs deep in my vein………………………"

    Sorry for the inconvenience… Thank you~

  3. I think I know what the problem now. I cannot use this icon (>__<) two times. It cut the sentences between them.
    All i wanna say is:
    "And can I say, congratulation admin, for finally to be able singing along to their epic "I'm in Love"? :"D It must be an unforgettable moment, right? Such a sacred song.

    Sorry for the super long comment I just can't help it. GLAY is like my all-time favorite groups whom even though I rarely talk about, my love for them runs deep in my vein…"

    Sorry for clustering your comment section /sobs/ I never understand how wordpress works

  4. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I am very grateful!
    Have been stalking friends’ fb for news about GLAY Hongkong concert and i found that it was a truly amazing concert. Sadly i wasn’t able to come since me and friends were expecting for GLAY live in Bangkok which has been cancelled.

    So, RekON you are like my savior!! XD
    Thanks a lot dude!

    Just watching some videos and see photos of GLAY arrival and pictures of Takuro Banners or his B’day surprise successfully made me cried. I am longin’ to see them with my very own eyes.

    I swear i will go someday to watch their performance. I just want to say “Arigatou” to all of the members including Toshi and Sei-chan also if possible Masahide Sakuma-san. I love you all and thanks for your hard work all these years. You all faced troubles many times, i know that! I always believe that you all will be able to go through. So, glad that you have Loversoul Music and Associates now.

    The team can learn much from Korea ( I know it was cancelled due to the safety issues ) and Thailand cancellations ( coz of the irresponsible promoter).

    To my dear Takuro-san, YOU ARE NOT OLD! All of you guys! For us GLAYers you will always be the same. We will always love you! For ever n ever!

    I LOVE all the songs in the list! “I’m in Love” ! I want to sing that song with them! Good for you to be able to sing along with GLAY! Also, if i can see their performance, i hope i can see them performing “Special Thanks”. The first song i heard, just hearing first seconds of the song successfully made me love them (ya know, the first seconds was Jiro’s bass line, hahah..). I never ever heard anything about them before that. Hahahha.. what an amazing song!

    Sore ja.. mata koko de aimashou yo!

    Love & thanks


  5. Nama: Nada Mutiara Putri
    Twitter: @aki_ga_kita
    Pilihan hadiah: [1] CD + DVD UNiTE – swo

    First of all, to tell the truth, I haven’t been listening or following GLAY for many years (I think I listened to them in 2005 or 2006 when I had only found out about Japanese music in general). But there’s something–something special, I must say–about witnessing legendary bands existing for so long. I’ve recently read an conversation between TERU (GLAY) and RUKI (the GazettE) in TSUTAYA’s website, and in one of the things that TERU said, GLAY is one of the bands that have existed since the 90s and still going on until now, even when their ‘colleagues’ (let’s name LUNA SEA, JUDY AND MARY, etc.) decided to disband. They have gone through many music scenes–from the recording process itself to the market–and they definitely have lots of experience. RUKI, in all his sincerity, said that he looked up at GLAY as an admirable band, persevering and still maintaining that family-like relationship between the members.
    Reading all that, I understand that GLAY is one band that we all should respect, if not for their music, then for their perseverance. As we all can see for ourselves, lots of new bands disband before even reaching their 1st anniversary. That is really sad.
    Speaking of the live, I really wish I could see it (although honest to God I don’t know much of their songs… lol). But as I said, there’s something about legendary bands that awes me, that also includes their performance on stage. They have different auras. More mature, so to say. And reading RekON’s report, I can tell that GLAY has done a great job in entertaining their Hong Kong (and other countries) fans. Like, for instance, the small riot in the airport. It does seem dangerous, but it also shows that the fans had been waiting for quite a while for their favorite band. One does get quite emotional when getting something they have desired for a long time. 🙂
    Well, for GLAY and many other legendary bands, I do hope you give Jakarta a visit sometimes. I can’t tell how many fans you will be able to gather, but I myself would like to feel the experience attending your lives in person.
    Thanks, RekON, for sharing this great report! 😀

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