[SPECIAL] Interview with St Clair, May 2013


St Clair is a Japanese rock band formed in 2007 by three childhood friends who grew up in Canada – Kazuo Nishiuchi (vocals), Kosuke Tagawa (guitar) and Keita Kondo (drums).  Citing bands like Foo Fighters, Sum41, Incubus and Hoobastank as their musical influence, the band added Hideo Noda (bass) to their line-up in 2013.  We had the honour to have an interview with them.  Here are their answers!

IMG_4578 small

If you have to explain your music to potential listeners who’ve never heard about you before, what would you say to them?  

We are all about rock! Four guys that like rock, playing rock!

What do you expect from the audience that come to your gigs?  You like them to be really, really rough or just rough – or something else?

Really, really rough!haha Nah, as long as the audience is enjoying our music, they can express themselves in whatever way they want. They can stare, nod their heads, clap, raise their hands, anything! As long as they are enjoying our music!

Is there any gig or venue that has left a very deep impression on you?  Share us the story.

We would say Envol et Macadam, the largest music festival in Quebec, Ontario, was a very memorable gig for us! We got to share stages with bands like Rise Against, The Exploited, Flogging Molly, As I Lay Dying, these were bands we grew up listening to! It was really a dream come true! Plus three of us (Kaz, Kosuke and Keita) are from Canada, so it was nice to go back home as a band!

How did you find out about Java Rockin’ Land?  And what makes you interested in performing there?

One of our fans in Indonesia told us about Java Rockin’ Land! Well, we always wanted to play outside of Japan, and Indonesia known for their great music scene and their enthusiastic crowd, we thought it would be perfect for us!

And if you get to play Java Rockin’ Land, is there any special thing that you’d prepare for your fans and the audience here?

You name it! We will do it all!haha But for now, what we can guarantee you is a mind blowing rock show!

What if one day Dave Grohl appears on your doorstep and says, “Hey! Let’s do a collaboration?”

Collaboration? Why don’t you just join our band?haha

Can we get a glimpse of St Clair’s plans for the future?  World domination perhaps?

World domination, of course!haha But for the meantime, we have our new CD coming out this summer! After the release, we will be going on a tour all over Japan, and playing some shows overseas! Should be a great year for us!

Thank you St Clair for the interview!

You can check their website, buy their EP ‘The Interlude’ on iTunes, and watch their videos on their Youtube channel.

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