The story behind

There isn’t any unusual or philosophical reason behind the name Relawan Konser (in English it’ll be Concert Volunteer). The name just popped out when we made this group in Whatsapp. What’s the aim of this blog? Simple. We just want to share photos, stories and tidbits from the concerts we’ve attended 🙂 We think nothing beats the excitement and the atmosphere of watching musicians performing live on stage!

By the way, we? Yes, there are several music enthusiasts behind this blog and we’re from various backgrounds. What’s more interesting is we’re from various fandoms, but it doesn’t stop us from working and having fun together in running this blog. Why? Of course because we love music that much ^^

Perhaps as some of you’ve already known, there will be many concerts in Indonesia in the second half of the year. I bet you’re as excited as we are! We’ll try out best to cover those concerts, and for your information, we’re going to focus on Asian musicians for now. So get ready for the fun and stay tuned for more adventures in music venues!


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